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one more reason to shoot in RAW …

Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
edited December 2013 in home
.. you can prove the veracity of your photograph(s), if needed.

To check the truthfulness of images submitted to the World Press Photo contest, the judges reserve the right to have a look at the RAW files to see how much the image has been manipulated, if there is any doubt.


"World Press Photo will facilitate this by requesting the unprocessed files from photographers in the later stages of the judging process. The experts will carry out a case-by-case analysis of the level of post-processing in the files that were entered in the contest by comparing them with the unprocessed files."

This completely makes sense, and is a necessary step.


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Wow! They sure will eliminate the dud/crud entries which may have been edited by photoshop experts and not a true representation of a photojournalist's entry.

    That makes for a reason to shoot in RAW since you may need to provide the RAW for validation.

    On the other hand it would make it a very tough/extra workload for photojournos who enter such competitions since the very aim of a roving PJ is 'get the image/send the image' immediately and I guess they would need to shoot RAW/Jpeg combo if serious about those competitions.

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