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Pocket Wizard frequency

GrahamGraham Member
edited March 2011 in flash & lighting
I was just wondering if anyone has tried using the FlexTTL in Australia and if so are they the ones that use the U.S frequencies. I want to get them from BandH but not sure if I can specifically order the european ones. They mention that the ones sold in the U.S use frequencies that may interfere with other devices in some countries.



  • PocketWizard maintains a list of frequencies that the units use in the countries their distributors sell the FlexTT1/FlexTT5.

  • Im pretty sure its illegal to use the US frequencies here in Australia. I cant remember why though. You might want to check with the ACMA. There are quite a few stockist in Australia.
  • Thanks. I can get them here in Astralia but they are double the price than I can get them at B and H.
  • Yes thats always a problem here, this is what I found out...

    "334MHz is a Restricted Government Frequency in Australia"

    Its not very specific on their website, but I would say its only the US versions but wouldnt hurt to email them and ask.
  • Btw, just did some research and its about pretty much the same cost to get them locally or from B & H, they charge between $50-$100 alone for shipping. So with the conversions it works out about the same. Im not sure where they are charging double. I checked out Quality Camera Sales Australia. It might cost about $10 for postage, bonus is you wouldnt have to wait weeks for it to arrive. Personally I have never bought anything from them. Just my 2 cents worth.
  • Thanks for the info guys.
    Hemlock, Thanks for the heads up on Quality Camera Sales I will look into them. I was surprised to see the PW that cheap in Australia, but it is still slightly more expensive than I can get it from B and H. I usually get my orders from BandH in about 3 days using the second cheapest shipping option (about $60) and the exchange rate is about dollar for dollar right now. But it's close and if they are the right freq. it might be the way to go.

    My problem is I have bought items from so called Australian online stores before and waited over 2 months for it to ship from China! But the one you mentioned looks like it might be an option, so thanks.

    But check out the price of an SB900 at Quality Camera Sales $879 AUS. My camera shop will let me have it cheaper than that, but they still tell me to buy from BandH. I can land an SB900 here for under $500 AUS. Nikon wont supply them to the stores here that cheap, the store would buy them from BandH himself but of course that wouldn't go down to well with Nikon.

    We get shafted here all the time, try to buy Adobe CS5 online from Australia, you will pay nearly double to download it from the same damn server! Adobe cannot give us a reason for charging any difference depnding what country you're in, let alone bending us over like that!

    OK rant over sorry :P

  • Totally agree with you! Whilst I try to get most stuff locally, if I have to I will buy stuff from O/S. I was looking into getting the PW flexs but it took too long for them to be released, Im a Nikon shooter. In the end, I got the Elinchrom Quadras and didnt need PW to use them. Anyways, good luck in your quest : )
  • Ah nice, I have been looking at the Quadra, I'd like to know what you think of them if you have chance, I'm a Nikon shooter also. I currently use SB900s and have a Quantum on the way which I'm hoping will take the pressure off the speedlights a bit. But the Quadra looks like it might be the portable solution I'm looking for when I want to over power the sun.

    BTW where abouts are you Hemlock, I'm located in South Australia.
  • hemlockhemlock Member
    edited April 2011
    Completely love the Quadras. I had already used Elinchroms in a studio, so it was an easy choice. I didnt think they would over power the sun but then again I havent really tried, might be a weekend experiment coming up! They are truly fabulous and easy to use. I still havent actually read the manual yet.

    The colours in portraits are sensational, ie skin tones etc etc. I was tossing up with getting a couple of SB900's originally, then I hired the quadras and that was it. I had to have them. They are much cheaper now than when they were first released. Im glad I waited. I still havent decided on what softbox to get though, octa or square. Just been using brollies so far.

    If you want to try them out, L&P/Total Photographic at Kent Town had a try before you buy option that was really cheap. I think it was like $30 for a weekend, once off or something like that.
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