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marketing advice for wedding photographers, by Chris Giles

Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
edited February 2014 in home
Chris Giles, a photographer based in the UK, has written a series of extensive articles on marketing for photographers.

He discusses his experiences and the merits of advertising in wedding magazines, Facebook, wedding listings, wedding blogs and so on.

It is well worth your time to scrutinize these.


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    He really cuts through the marketing BS and discusses their actual worth. It is sobering.
  • I haven't finished it yet but it is really good so far. Thanks Neil!
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    What I like is that he backs up his advice with metrics and screen captures.
    So different from the usual industry type "info", you know? The "10 tips to use Instagram to book weddings", kind of fluff.
  • Thank you Neil
    This is a superb read.
  • Thanks Neil!

    Very interesting and detailed breakdown that will probably save photographers a lot of hard earned cash.
  • ChrisGilesChrisGiles Member
    edited February 2014
    I'd like to thank Neil for posting this on his forum.

    There were a lot of people who helped me when I started out and I wanted to pay something back.

    I've already had many say they've saved a lot of money so please tweet and share this where you can because for many, they're spending cash they can't afford in the hope of getting business. (When there are better ways).

    Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed in this industry and I don't want them to fall over and give up unnecessarily.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Thank you Chris for the insights and this post.
  • Just learned Chris is also a POTN member. Tangents and POTN, two of my favourite sites.
  • Great read Chris, thanks to you and Neil for sharing. I too have been down the same route. What I've learned from past experience from before becoming a photographer was that advertising in magazines and papers don't work, I learnt the hard way and consequently made me bankrupt. I think a lot of photographers think there is perhaps an easy way of getting business, perhaps advertising will magically bring them in. I spent a good 6 months on my website SEO learning from scratch and have found its not just one that does the trick, its all of it. Facebook, blogging, Pinterest, twitter, other social sites, backlinks, word of mouth, website, all of it, but you do need to spend time on these things to reinforce them One thing I have seem to have done wrong is perhaps have my prices too low, and whenever somebody wants a cheap photographer my name seems to pop up!
    One question I have for you Chris, the last image of Victoria and tom at Wiston house, its a composite right? Its awesome!
  • Ah, well there is a bit of trickery in there. All of them are composites as there's no way around that. But when I do these I expose for the couple then send them in whilst I point the camera at the night sky. I can get away with it in places where there is zero light pollution but in other places a bit of photoshop comes into play. A star field like that is comprised of lots of layered images.

    I get clients specifically ask for them so I have to fake and bake it often now....which is a shame as I'd like it to be pure. 3 out of every four shots are fake because of our awful weather.
    There are things like the clip filter system for reducing light and atmospheric pollution, but I've said too much...

    I like shooting the stars. It keeps you emotionally grounded and made a timelapse video here (no photoshop trickery, just layers) and I was asked to tidy up an image someone took which is here

    It's hard to stand out so I push my luck where I can. I like the hyper reality (so do the clients).
  • Chris is bang on with this series of blogs. I too have had my fingers burnt by UK Brides, and have been astonished at some of the information they've given to brides on their website concerning photography and specifically how to find a 'Cheap Photographer'.
    His conclusions on how to get more bookings by being being pro active - writing blogs, tying your blogs into social media sites and going that extra yard for your clients really is the best way to get more bookings.
    Personally I'd never spend another penny on an advertising, it's never made me any money in the past, and I'm pretty sick and tired of companies cold calling me, who mis-represent themselves (No I'll change that to lie to me), in an attempt to get their sticky fingers on my hard earned wonga.
    I actually take great pleasure in telling them to get stuffed!
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