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Keeping Photoshop's Camera RAW Up To Date

TrevTrev Moderator
edited February 2014 in news & discussions
Adobe usually has a very convoluted structure in getting direct download links I have found, especially in Camera RAW updates. You never seem to know what it actually is in version #

I stumbled across this blog for Adobe where you can update the latest RAW plug-in via direct download.


This is for the section: What if the computer that Photoshop is on is not connected to the internet?
The updates to Camera RAW for CS6 and CC are there for both Win/Mac Platforms.

Note: The download will start automatically and immediately, so you will want to know where your downloads go to, there is no option of 'Save/Open' the file Palette it just downloads.


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited February 2014

    Once downloaded, right click, Extract Files...., you get a folder with 2 folders in there, plus an 'AdobePatchInstaller.exe' file.

    Double click to install, it will give you a window of what it's updating, and if security set up with User Account just say 'Yes' to install and you should have the new Camera RAW Plug-In.


    Verify by opening Photoshop, Menu/Help/About Plug-In/Camera RAW and the Version window will open.
    To close it, just click on it.

  • Great info!! And so timely. I just did this update on my new computer tonight. Perfect!! Worked as lined out and I now have the latest Camera RAW!! Look out! New computer and up to date software. Wooo!
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