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Which Craftsy Course?

StrayShotsStrayShots Member
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Hi, all--pardon the ignorance of a newbie, but I searched all around this site and the web and couldn't find my answer. I've gotten a lot out of all three of Neil's books, but figured I could get even more out of his video courses. Sure, I could sign up for all of them. . .but I'd like to know which is most recent, or most pertinent to me. Does Off-Camera Flash Photography follow the earlier Portraits course--or is it the other way around? I figure I'm about half an expert since I've read the books. I've had some success using the small Lastolite EZ-box, the 8-inch one, but that requires a buddy to hold it for me, so what I'm really interested in right now is bouncing flash to get a better effect. I tend to shoot a lot of local bands on-stage; I hate to use flash there but I want to be able to step outside for a quick group portrait. Bounce seems like my friend. So: where should I start? (And which forum should I have put this in? Which category? I'll get wiser. . . .)


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    The Portraits course is with on-camera flash.
    Both those courses are meant to be stand-alone courses, so there is a little bit of overlap in the material.

    It was a decision I had to make with Craftsy - make the Off-camera flash a follow-up course, thereby kind of requiring people to get both … or make them stand-alone courses. In terms of which is most recent - we shot them back-to-back. They are both up-to-date and recent.

    From your description, it sounds like the Portraits with On-Camera Flash, is the one that would help you most.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    edited February 2014
    For anyone else who is curious, the details and links are in the Tangents Store.
  • Well, my father was right: I am an idiot. Didn't see the words "on-camera" and "off-camera". Definitely the one I want is the Portraits course. Just bought it. Thanks.
  • Hi stayshots. I had purchased both course / off and on camera. And have to say they were well worth the buy along side the books big time . If u can get this on i pad its even better and u can refer from book to crafty in a flip. The great thing about craftys is that if your unsure of what neil had said u can repeat a dozen times and more with out anoying the tutor ( joke ) any way good luck stayshots
  • Thanks, Stephen. I've watched the first few lessons of the on-camera (Master Portrait) course and I completely agree. Well worth the money. Reading is all well and good, but it's equally helpful to have someone show you the steps, the process, the results. I agree about the iPad app--it works surprisingly well. I'll probably start the other course when I finish this one. I've watched a lot of courses on Lynda.com and KelbyTraining and this equals or beats them all. As you know--anyway, thanks for your advice.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    edited February 2014
    and if I may use this opportunity to pimp my Craftsy classes out:
    (These have the 25% discount for the people who follow the Tangents blog.)

    Off-Camera Flash Photography Portraits with an On-Camera Speedlight

    Wedding Photography Wedding Photography
  • As you should! Pimp your courses, I mean.

    I've been reading about various flash techniques for about as long as I've had a dSLR now--at least since '08. I've read Scott Kelby, Joe McNally and Syl Arena, and I've watched video courses on Lynda.com and KelbyTraining.com and all over YouTube. I got more useful, applicable info out of your books than any of the others, and I wanted to see the video course because I felt you had the best strategy or method or whatever. Turns out you've got the best teaching style, too! If I haven't written this before: to all you who are on the fence about buying the video course: do it. Hey, it comes with a guarantee and I'll add my (totally unenforceable) guarantee: you'll get a lot out of it.

    Neil, you won't let this go to your head, will you?
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    It's always good to hear, especially the stratospheric company I keep.
    Please put the word out there to other photographers! Thanks.
  • Neil... I just purchased your Off Camera Flash course as well. Looking forward to diving in tonight.

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