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Metering for fill flash with manual flash

Stephen71Stephen71 Member
edited February 2014 in Nikon
Neil says in his book, Off Camera Flash, that when balancing ambient light with manual flash there are several approaches that can be used. One such approach is if you already have the correct exposure for the ambient light and just need fill flash for the subject. In this case, he suggests metering the flash 2 to 3 stops under the ambient light to use the flash for fill.
My question can u measure the flash exposure with out using a light meter for fill flash, to get that two stop under ambient for fill flash .
I understand the TTL side of fill flash and also using the histogram would not make much difference because that would show you the high lights of ambient exposure rather than me subject.
I hope this makes sense
There is another qustion i need to ask which may lead on to this.
Thank u any one


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