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Using Yongnuo YN-622N with Octabox

dmcdtcdmcdtc Member
edited March 2014 in home
Testing out my YN with an Octabox and when I put the flash/YN in the bracket my SB-700 flash told me to switch to Manual. Couldn't get i-TTL to work even by programming the YN's in i-TTL mode. Not sure why. Handholding the YN's in i-TTL mode worked fine. Wasn't sure if it was the contacts or because the AF light was blocked by the bracket/softbox or what was wrong. Then tried my Calumet manual triggers and they worked fine in manual mode.

Need to understand a concept --- when using i-TTL triggers with a softbox does the image underexpose because the flash doesn't know it has a softbox in front of it? Should you use i-TTL with softboxes? Am I missing something?
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