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Spinlight 360: Short Card vs Long Card?.

jcalex3642jcalex3642 Member
edited March 2014 in flash & lighting
The Spinlight 360 looks like a fine flash accessory system; and I can understand why Niel endorses it. It seems to be a refinement of Niel's original idea with the BFT.

My question is: Which card would be most useful - the long card or the short card. They both look like they would do well. It seems that I recall Niel saying in one of his posts that he would recommend a length that JUST kept the flash from hitting his subject directly. That would suggest the short bounce card. Anyone use this system other than Niel? Comments on how it compares with the BFT?


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Short card here, when I use the 360 that is. A lot of times I still use the BFT.

    I have never even put the long card in, nor have I tried any other of the accessories that come with it apart from the short black card.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I prefer the short card.

    Keep in mind that with the BFT and the spinlight (w/ black card), the idea is to have just enough of a lip there to block direct light from hitting your subject. That should be the deciding factor on how large the black card or BFT should be.
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