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Fuji X-T1 and Fuji X100s

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Hello, Neil. I just wanted to know what do you and the forum eventuals think of the new Fujis XT1 and the X100s? Zack Arias talks wonders about them! Do you think you can use this cool looking little cameras to shoot weddings and different asingments with on/off camera flash? I know some photographers like Gregory Heisler use medium formats for portraits; I wonder what they think about these cameras as well. Cheers.


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator

    I touched the Fuji X-T1 - there it is in my hand! Someone at the get-together in Sydney had an early copy of the camera. I played with it a while. It feels good! Really good. Controls and knobs have that quality feel of the X100s and X-Pro1.

    And I am sure the image quality will be phenomenal. So, from the onset already, it looks like Fuji has a winner here again.

    I have an X100s as my walk-about camera, and I love it. Would I buy an X-T1? Unlikely, since I have a Nikon system and Nikon D4 bodies for professional work. It's just in a different league of responsiveness and flexibility.

    I can see how some photographers would sway towards the lighter and more compact X-T1, but for the vast majority of photographers who are settled in with one system already, it wouldn't make sense to switch over.

    People buying into a system for the first time, or haven't sunk a lot of money already into another system - for them I can see this camera having a lot of appeal.

    My one negative about the Fuji X100s as a wedding / event camera, is that the flash doesn't give infra-red auto-focus assist. This is because of the focusing system the X100s uses.

    I don't know yet if the X-T1 will overcome this limitation, and offer a proper flash system. If it does, great. If not, then anyone using the X-T1 for weddings is going to have a tough time indoors in low light.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I should summarize it another way - I don't have the cash to buy more cameras! (Or I would.)
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    One big advantage with these cameras is that they're so quiet. I'm so often very careful to only fire my D700s when the noise won't interrupt complete silence. Mine's on order along with the 56mm f/1.2 and other lenses.

    They're also less intimidating for guests. The image quality is fine and now the focussing is fine too with the XT-1. And they're so light!

    Only real issue is the lack of good dedicated flashes like the Nikon SB910 etc. The Fuji EF42 is cheap and cheerful and can best be described as "adequate". Would be good if Metz would start doing a dedicated flash.
  • wow, if Neil doesn't have the cash, we're all in trouble!! :-)
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