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Yongnuo YN-560 III

JerryJerry Member
edited April 2014 in flash & lighting
Do anyone of you use these manual only flashguns? What are your experience of them?

I used to have a SB-900 and two SB-910's. Ever since I got rid of the SB900 I find myself lacking a third light source on occasion. So, I thought I'd complement my remaining 2 x SB910 with an additional 2 x YN-560 III. (Which obviously is a rather cheap option for additional lights when needed.)

Does this sound like a good idea?




  • I have two of them to go with my 430 EX II, and for the price I paid (£50 each from amazon.co.uk) they are excellent.

    They have a wireless receiver built in so they work with my existing Yongnuo trigger. Build quality is as good as my Canon flash. The optical slave works every time I've used it, eg. using the Canon off-camera in ETTL mode as the main light, correctly ignoring the preflash.

    They are actually less fiddly to work with than the Canon flash when setting power and zoom levels. Power goes from 1/1 to 1/128 in 1/3rd stops.

    Can't really think of anything negative to say about them, they're really great work with. Recommended!
  • ZenonZenon Member
    I had one before I switched to Canon RT. Cost about $70 US and worked flawlessly. Even it it had failed for that price just chuck it and get another one.
  • JerryJerry Member
    Well, I have a couple of them on order from Amazon UK, should arrive by Tuesday at the latest. (Got a pack of RF-603's as well). Hopefully I shall be able to try them out a bit over Easter and see how they seem.

    I'll update this thread with my findings :)
  • Got YN560-IV, the only and ultimate sad thing about it: the head turns left 180° but only turns right 90°, which I cannot use Neil's vertical on-camera bounce technique. Would have been perfect if can turn right 180°. So using my Nissin i40 for on camera. Yongnuos for off camera.
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