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PocketWizard system

sasko1sasko1 Member
edited May 2014 in flash & lighting

I'd like to ask for advice on PW system.

A while ago I asked, what do I need to fire my 3 off camera flashes TTL, and the answer was that I need Flex TT5 on camera and Flex TT5 on each remote flash too and also that I need AC3 zone controler.
Can I use Mini TT1 as recievers instead of Flex TT5?

Is lately anything different about this? Any other device from PW to do it, similar to Phottix Odin? (maybe PW Plus III)

Currently I am using Phottix Odin system with whom I am very satisfied, but will change it since I need system that do not use pre-flash light to connect with flashes.

Is PW guaranteed that is not using any preflash and only uses radio triggering?

Thanks for reply.

also if anyone willing to trade or buy Odin system for Nikon (transceiver + 3 recievers, perfectly working and in mint condition) feel free to contact me.


  • JerryJerry Member
    PW is radio yes. But there would still be preflashes if you use them in TTL mode, since the preflash is part of the TTL system....

    If you don't want any preflashes you'd have to go manual. Or am I wrong?
  • sasko1sasko1 Member
    If I recall correctly, Odin has also preflash in manual mode. It is the way it connects with recievers.

    So PW has the same thing in TTL but not in manual mode?

    thanks for help

  • StephenStephen Member
    The PWs use radio frequencies in all modes. I use them to control Nikon flashes in TTL mode, because the remote flashes may not be in line-of-sight of the master flash to be able to receive pre-flashes that contain setting information. As long as you have the TTL flashes connected to PWs, you can place your remote flashes in a lot more places.

    The minimum you need is a MiniTT1 for your master flash and a FlexTT5 for each remote flash. The MiniTT1 is only a transmitter while the FlexTT5 is both a transmitter and receiver. A reason people use FlexTT5 units for all their flashes is because the FlexTT5 uses AA batteries (rechargeable or alkaline). The MiniTT1 uses a coin-shaped battery (watch battery), so it is not convenient to find replacement batteries for that unit.
  • A much cheaper alternative would be to consider the Yongnuo YN-622N system. They get fairly good reviews.
  • I've been able to find rechargeable coin batteries for the TT1. I've had really good luck with this charger:
  • I have been using Phottix odin to trigger 2 mitros + (Nikon) flashes.  I find the re-cycle time slow for event photography.  Dont think they make external battery packs for them. 
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