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Nikon Flash and Battery Pack

sathlersathler Member
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Help please…I have 2 x nikon flashes SB700 unfortunately they cannot be connected to a battery pack. I've been considering buying the Nikon SB910 but some forums have said that this flash is extremely complicated to use…saying that the Nikon SB800 is a better one.

Reading Neil's post here somewhere he suggests to invest in the best flashgun you can afford and I believe he uses the SB910.

Neil ( and anyone else) could you please indicate a good flashgun-battery pack combination?

This would be used mainly for outdoors portraits.

Thank you,



  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited May 2014
    Hi Sathler,

    I don't know what information you have been given regarding the SB900/910 are 'extremely complicated to use' rubbish, they are damn superb flashes, NO question at all.

    Believe me, I most definitely would go with the SB910. Dead easy to use. I mean you turn it on, select the mode and then adjust as necessary either in TTL/Manual modes, nothing more complicated then flicking switch on, pressing button, rotating a dial for compensation.

    Yes, they do scream out warnings far too early regarding their alert system warning of overheating, but I just turn that damn alarm off and ignore and have never had any problem now with them shutting down for 10 minutes.

    Regarding the battery pack, do you have any Quantum batteries? They can be used if you get the appropriate connecting cord. Of course you could get the Nikon Battery Pack, but they are pretty expensive and there are cheaper alternatives to those.

    Also if you want something with an absolute truckload of oooomph! and don't have a Quantum, I would get this:

    Cheetah L4500 Battery Pack: https://www.cheetahstand.com/product-p/cl-l4500.htm ($215)

    Nikon Connecting Flash/Battery Cord: https://www.cheetahstand.com/product-p/cl-nx.htm ($19.95)
    (This cord also fits the Quantum Battery, which I use as I have an old spare one, Slim Case Quantum)

    You will have to email him first though to get him to 'Open' up Shipping to Australia. (email me regarding this if need be you have my email).

    1800 full power flashes, recycles in 1 second when full power used and you can fire consecutively for dozens of times with the battery keeping up with less than 1/2 power.

    Whereas the Nikon's own external battery pack with far less oooomph! is only $6 cheaper. ($209)


    Or . . . here is a cheaper alternative, but not same power/recycle as the Cheetah L4500:


  • TrevTrev Moderator


    Here is a place for the SB910, Australian, even cheaper than B&H.


    Contact details (I always check to see if they have a physical store, local number, address, etc.)
  • sathlersathler Member
    edited May 2014
    Hummmm… The Quantum TURBO SC Power Pack looks nice!
  • sathlersathler Member
    This is a comment I've read on Ken Rockwell's Website regarding the Nikon Flash SB-910:

    Unimpressive is how incredibly complex it is to try to use the SB-910's obtuse menu system. I mean, holy guacamole, a menu system in a flash? How stupid is this? All we need is a power switch (good), a mode slide switch (not a single button to have to hit seven times to try not to miss the one mode we need), and a compensation control (not a three-click menu system). When Nikon piles on the features, they sure aren't Apple when it comes to designing it well enough so that anyone can hope to figure it out. This is why I'm sticking with my SB-600 any time I need a big flash
  • StephenStephen Member
    The SB-900/SB-910 user interface isn't magnitudes more difficult to understand than the SB-700. You probably only need to access a few settings, and they are pretty easy to commit to muscle memory. A local dealer can also help you out with any questions.

    Ken Rockwell tends to be very sensationalist in his postings and reviews, and I think he writes like that to attract page views. He is also a landscape photographer, so any opinions he has about portrait photography should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    ugh ... Ken Rockwell and his irrelevant opinions. He is wrong about the SB-910.
    And he recommends the SB-600 over the SB-910 ? Well, that just proves my point.
  • sathlersathler Member
    Thank you guys!

    I've ordered and received my Nikon SB-910 flash. ( Thanks Trev ) Now the fun continues!

    Stephen you've mentioned the SB-700 and I'm glad you said as I have 2 of them so the SB-910 should be fine then!

    Neil…I've also ordered (should arrive soon) the Nikon SD-9 Battery Pack so I can use it in conjunction with Pocket Wizards on a Manfrotto monopod.

    Only in the last few days I discovered the Eneloop AA Battery and I'm amazed by the reviews regarding its qualities,durability etc…

    Bouncing flash here I come!!!
  • StephenStephen Member
    Enjoy your SB-910! The SB-700's back panel is very similar to the SB-900/SB-910, so you shouldn't have too many problems figuring out the user interface. Feel free to post again if you have questions about the SB-910.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Glad you had good service on getting the SB-910 from that site Sathler, even cheaper than B&H which is a rarity, especially in Australia.

    Anyone else in Australia looking for items the site I put Sathler onto is:


  • sathlersathler Member
    edited May 2014
    Hi Trev!


    This link above that you sugested they were great! I bought the Nikon SB-910 cheaper then anywhere else and also it came with free delivery and delivered the next day all the way from Sydney to Western Australia. That's not bad!

    Thanks mate,


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