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iPad during a shoot?

HowieFHowieF Member
edited June 2014 in home
Hi everyone,

I was shooting my daughter's dance recital rehearsal this weekend. The rehearsal was four hours and I had a lot of downtime between dance numbers and shooting portraits outside. In retrospect, it would have been nice if I had a laptop so I could review the shots on a larger screen and pick my favorites. But my laptop is a bit old - it's heavy and the battery doesn't last that long. Could I have used an iPad?

The challenges I see are:

- Getting the images from the CF card (5D Mk II) onto the iPad
- Having enough space on the iPad for all the image
- RAW files (or do I need to shoot in RAW+JPEG?)

Does anyone here use the iPad during a shoot? What is your workflow? Which apps do you use?


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