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Nikon D4 Flash Compensation

sathlersathler Member
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Nikon D4 Exposure compensation Entire Frame or Background Only?

Can someone here please let me know the pros and cons regarding the feature of Exposure Compensation FOR FLASH (on Nikon D4) found on Custom Settings Menu e4 where we have the two choices being:

1-Entire Area or

2_ Background Only

Thank you,



  • I think it depends a) on whether you use exposure compensation at all when you are using flash and b) if so, how you want it to behave.

    For those shooting Nikon for a while, option 1 is the way it has always been, where exposure compensation changes both your ambient exposure and the flash. So if you were in aperture priority mode, and the settings happened to be f/4, 1/100 s and X amount of flash would be delivered, if you dialed in -1 EC, it would be f/4, 1/200 s and half of X. So everything gets darker.

    If you used option 2 in that example, it would be f/4, 1/200 s but the flash exposure would remain unchanged at X. So if you wanted the ambient to get darker, but not change the subject, option 2 would deliver that. With option 1, to do that (make the ambient get darker, but keep the same flash exposure the same) you would dial in the -EC and then a corresponding +FC.

    One benefit of option 1 for D4 shooters - Since there is no flash compensation button on the body, if you shoot in M mode (pretty common with flash usage) with auto ISO turned off, the EC could become your flash compensation, which could be handy (rather than having to dial it in on the flash unit).
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