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Face Detection on Nikon

sathlersathler Member
edited June 2014 in home
Hi Everyone!

I have a Nikon D4 and it has the Face Detection capability.

I never really use it as I'm the one behind the camera taking photos of my wife.

I've always use the single mode and focus on the eye method.

Now… Every now and then I like to have the camera on a tripod so I can be in the shot together with
my wife. So yesterday I did that using the following method:

Camera on a tripod

1- Place my wife in position
2-Using Single mode I put the focus on her eye.
3-Without her moving from her position I'd stand next to her.
4-Camera on Self Timer shot taken.

I was using Pocket Wizard with a single flash off camera mixing ambient light with 30% flash.

I did like the balance between ambient light and flash BUT… My wife's eye were not in focus as no one can
be like a statue…so that small movement she must have made as I walked to stay next to her resulted in the eyes being not sharp…some out of focus.

Could I use the same method above but using the Face Detection on Live View instead of single focus?

I will try it in about 7 days…but thought about asking you all here first.

Thank you so much for your help!



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