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"Most influential" photographer?

NikonguyNikonguy Member
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I'm not sure how one ends up on these kinds of lists (see link below), but Neil would have gotten my vote for #1. What excites and "influences" me from a photography perspective is learning about techniques, tricks, simplifying, and how to approach a problem. I follow some of the photographers on this list, have some of their books, been to a couple of their live seminars (eg. Joe McNally - inspiring / cool / entertaining), but I have gotten the most out of reading Neil's articles for the practicality, simplicity, and results you can get. Sometimes like "doh! why didn't I think of that?!" forehead-slapping articles, along with his beautiful photos as illustrations.

(I'm not kissing a**, but I was surprised to not see Neil with this group. But again, I don't know how these lists are put together...)



  • With all due respect, the list is a joke and only about 5-7 of them should be there. I will not go into names but the work that some of them produce is not pro worthy much less top thirty anything. Can you tell lists like this get me excited? :)
  • Well...since it says socially influential I will roll with it...they just happen to be photographers as well.
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    travelintrevor said: Well...since it says socially influential I will roll with it...they just happen to be photographers as well.
    I'd agree with that.

    I don't generally subscribe to picking favorite photographers and such but two I do like their work are: Joe Buissink, and Christa Meola..

    Seems if you're popular on Social media, you're a fantastic photographer....
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    The beauty (and flimsiness) of such lists is that anyone can make them.

    Even the lists that American Photo would make was heavily skewed to the NYC and galleries and curators.

    These lists are just representative of who the list-maker is aware of ... and that's okay.

    While I'm ambivalent about these lists, I'll happily accept being on any such list, and mention it on Social Media - it can only help presence and exposure.

    In a way it is like the Wedding Wire awards - they are meaningless in one sense because away gives them to everyone who has a paid listing and garnishes a few reviews. So photographers know there's no real meaning to it ... BUT potential clients might be impressed with these, and therein lies the value. I know that some photographers on Facebook would scoff when anyone announced being a WW award winner .... but I always happily posted these on my wedding blog. Some potential clients may even be subliminally swayed by it.

    PS, thank you for the kind words!
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    BTW, have a lot of respect for Joe Buissink ... one of the nicest people I've met in the wedding photography business. On the few occasions we've met, he has always been friendly and gracious.

    Same for Jerry Ghionis.
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    I'ver never met him, nor you Neil, but you both put out fantastic work! Quite different of course, but Great non the less. Hey I'm a Jersey boy myself Neil. ;-) I think I spend more of my time online viewing your site and the Dyxum Sony site for all my photographic needs, then any other site. As far as Joe Buissink, his Wedding film work prints are awesome. I also checked out Jerry Ghionis, very nice work. Much more modern almost glamour, high fashion style, from what i can see. Excellent work.
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