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Pentax 645Z- Simply wow!

MichaelVMichaelV Member
edited July 2014 in the gear
I know this shot from the Ricoh website was done by a professional under ideal conditions. Its the manufacturers website so, of course, they wont put up a shot which will make the camera look bad. However, the detail in the photo makes me take notice. When I zoom in doing extreme cropping I can see the blackheads on the subjects nose, every tiny little imperfection on the skin, the peach-fuzz type hair on certain parts of the face, etc. maybe too much detail...haha. In the other pictures on the website of a city landscape you can look right in the windows and see whats going on.


Seeing these shots and the price tag of about 8 grand or so...throwing distance price to the Canon 1DX...I believe the future will be medium format. I could imagine maybe 5 to 10 years from now we will see very reasonably priced medium format bodies which will rival the full frame bodies.

If you can pick up one of these babies and fit it into your portrait or landscape work I believe the customers will have the same wow reaction. Its simply an amazing bit of camera.

To be honest, I dont see anyone sporting a Pentax anything around here. Its either Canon or Nikon. Going to the Pentax website it seems the only two major things they have going for them are the 645 series medium format digitals and the waterproof compacts.
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