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Looking for an alternative to Profoto B1

amedinaamedina Member
edited August 2014 in flash & lighting
Looking for a cheaper alternative to Profoto B1, I found the following in Adorama:
"Flashpoint RoveLight 600 Ws Monolight with On Board Power".
Can someone talk about the merits or weaknesses of this light ?
It is in some way comparable to Profoto B1?


  • Well, I don't know much about the Flashpoint unit but I did a quick Google search and read up just before posting this. I guess it's an alternative as long as you don't want the capability of TTL communications between your camera and the flash. It would appear (from my limited research) it's manual flash only. TTL is the distinct advantage the B1 offers.

    So, the 600ws of the Flashpoint is just a bit stronger than the B1 at 500ws
    I'd say the two are even on wireless capability, portability where the battery and wireless functions are integrated.
    Of course, the price of the Flashpoint is considerably less than the B1.

    I would also imagine, the accessories for the Flashpoint are much less expensive than the Profoto accessories. Not sure about the quality comparison. I'd have to say that Profoto is top of the line and I wouldn't expect anyone to beat them on quality.

    In summary, yes it's an alternative if you can run the light in a manual mode using a flash meter to meter your light output. You can do the same thing with the B1 as a manual flash unit. The single biggest advantage the B1 would offer is TTL.
  • Oh... one more thought. The Flashpoint had a spec for full power flashes up around 500+ full power flashes on a single battery charge. The B1 says 220 full power flashes. So, I guess the Flashpoint wins there.
  • If you buy cheap you get cheap. Newer/Flashpoint/Yongnuo/CowboyStudio/etc. are these Chinese brands where they produce cheap workable photography solutions. How long they will last over the course of a busy wedding season is anyones guess...
  • Id recomend The flashpoint 360 from adorama, not as powerful as the Rovelight but much more lightweight, and at 360 ws it still packs quite a punch
  • I was looking at the Rovelight and have heard very good things from users except for the remote which is being upgraded. I would use a Phottix Odin anyway. This is a little more then half the price of a B1 and also does all that the B1 does. HSS, TTL.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Coincidentally enough, I am busy with a new Tangents posts about alternatives to the Profoto B1, since this comes up on FB and elsewhere when I post about the B1.  

    So thank you for the suggestions here ... I will check them out and incorporate them for a more thorough list! 
  • Funny I was about to ask you Neil if you are going to do a review of the Phottix Indra which looks great and Rovelight?
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Phottix Indra hasn't hit the shelves yet? 
    I did get to test it quickly on the floor at a photo trade show, and the HSS works, and it doesn't have that "jump" in range that the B1 has.
  • Yes. I would be interested in this too! Looking forward to your post Neil. I do believe that a person should invest in a quality light system and I have been researching battery powered lights myself. The B1 looks awesome but a major investment. I am leaning towards the Dynalite B4. I realize it is built in Korea I believe? , but they do look pretty good . (I can only find one video, and a quick shoot without a review),  So if doing a review and this one is included on your post would be extremely helpful and  awesome!  

  • So Neil once you go TTL/Strobe is their going back to pure manual?
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Keano ... it still makes sense to use this in Manual mode, especially when your subject's position is static. 

    Where the TTL really helps, is in getting an initial exposure setting. You take a test shot in TTL ... then adjust power if needed ... and lock it by switching to Manual mode. 

    So easy.
  • Right I can see how that could be very simple. You wouldn't really need a light meter in that case. I also like the idea of TTL if you were taking some action shots such as someone walking towards and past flash, or say in a boxing ring (staged) it would have more flexibility?

    I have a wedding coming up and will be a first. I will have a Photo Booth type thing in manual but TTL may come in helpful.
  • keano12keano12 Member
    edited March 2015
    Thanks Trev I saw that. Youtube has some new stuff. I had a decision on what I was going to buy regarding lights but found a better option then what I was getting price wise.

    Naftoli I looked into that they are from Godox licensed to Adorama. Some great products. I was going to get the Phottix Odin and a Mitros+. The Mitros+ alone is $399. I was going to get at least 1 Godox v860N which is only $170 and it has a Lithium battery. http://www.godox.com/EN/Products_Camera_Flash_V860n.  The AD 360 (Streetlight) looks good too. So my question is... what do I get.... right now wanting two lights and modifiers. I could get 2 v860N for $400 and iTTL and a Rovelight 600w internal battery like Profoto B1. 

    Godox v860N iTTL HSS - $170. I do want at least one for TTL reasons. 

    600w Rovelight HSS - $600 - I have decided the Indra is out of my range and this or something like is fine.

    Godox AD360 HSS 360w about same size as an actual speed light with reflector off - $450 Looks great for size and S-bracket for Bowens usable with v860N or this. 

    Godox ex600w -  I prefer Rovelight to this though.

  • Update if anyone is interested. Returned the Li-on v860N. TTL worked but underexposed. Streaklight 360 is great. Love it. The manual 850 is great with lithium battery and the triggers are seamless with the 360. Power etc. The Rovelight is well built. I can still return it for an Indra360. That would meani would have two 360w lights but one with TTL and lighter then the Rovelight
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