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Nikon D810 or Nikon D4s for Wedding Photography

edited December 2014 in wedding photography
Hi Neil!

I am a wedding photographer and now use a D700 and a D800.
I really want to upgrade the D700 bus I am not sure if buying a D810 of aD4s.

Of course the price is one mature point and there eis on other disadvantage over the D4s. The resolution. For my wedding books 35x35cm I often need (after a little bit of cropping) about 70cm for one sight and a resolution wot 300dpi (i did some tests and I really have seen differences between D700 and a D800 in that case. Because on an Album the distance of view is quite short. No matter how big it is.

So you have tested both. What is your opinion about that?
What I don’r like on the D800 is the Autofocus. I think even the D700 is a little bit more accurate and the D4s is far better!
The D810’s AF should have been improved a lot. But is it realy that fast and precise than on the D4s?

What are your thoughts about these coma eras? The fps are not the case. But other facts of speed (AF etc.) of course will matter.

thank you so much for your help.

Best regards Ulf


  • Hi Ulf,
    I'm guessing you are Scandinavian?

    Anyway, I'm pretty certain Neil would recommend the D4s for wedding work, if you can afford it.

    Mainly due to the file sizes, accurate auto focus etc...

    I personally, would love a D4s, but there is the price difference. Im currently using the D800 which have suited me well. Mainly doing portraits, landscape, architecture and the odd wedding. I will most probably opt for the D810 next.


    Jerry Fredriksson

  • UTHUTH Member
    Hi Jerry!
    Of course the price difference is amazing. But it is not the only thing. Even the resolution of 16MP for really big prints in Wedding Albums is sometimes a limit. Of course I do not need 36MP (24 would be enough as well) but that's not the main point.

    the question is if the D810 has the same great Autofocus than the D4s. I mean the D700 officially had the same like the D3 and the D800 the same like the D4 but there was a really big difference in practise. So the D800 is great but I don't like the AF. If they really improved that on tha level of a D4 (or even D4s) this would be fantastic!!
    Thanks a lot,
    best regards
    Ulf (from Austria) so sorry for my non-native English ;-)
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I wouldn't say the D700 and D3 had the same auto-focus. I found the D3 a lot more firm in how it focused, than the D700. That's why I sold my D700 for another D3 at the time.

    I hada D4S for review. but bought the D810 ... which means I played with the D4S for a month, and now actually own the D810 ... i.e., I can't directly compare and tell you how the AF compares. But I will say this ... the D810 is at least as fast and accurate as my D4 bodies. There's a huge jump from the D700.

    Now, about the file-size ... the 36 megapixel files are huge. (They are around 50 Mb each). I won't be shooting any weddings with it.

    With the 16 megapixels, I already have to downsize for an 11x11 album double-page spread.
  • UTHUTH Member
    That's what I was saying. They said the D3 and the D700 had the same AF but in reality it was really a big difference. The same with D4 and D800 (there was even a HUGE difference) Therefore I am interested how big is the difference between the D810 and the D4s.

    So for weddings you would definitely recommend the D4 or D4s instead of the D810? That surprises me. For great wedding albums which print resolution do you use? Less than 250 ppi?
    If not you really need about 20Megapixel.

    Thanks a lot.
    best regards Ulf
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    D4 - 16 megapixels: 4928 x 3280

    3280 / 300 = 11 inches at 300 ppi
    4928 / 300 = 16.5" at 300 ppi

    I use 11x11 albums.

    So for a full page, there are more than enough pixels for 300 ppi.

    For a double spread, it is a small increase in resolution for 300 ppi.

    My album company wants 220 ppi .... and that means just over 22 inches for the longer side of 4928 pixels.

    16 megapixels are all I need for wedding photography.
  • ok, thanks a lot!

    Do you think the AF performance of the D810 is improved a lot to the D800?
    Is it more on the level of the D4 or even D4s? (I know they have the same hardware but that doesn't need to be the same performance.) ;-)

    I think the ISO performance is the same between the D800 and the D810 when shooting in RAW isn't it?

    So there are about 1 stop worse than the D4s or even more?

    For wedding you will not need the 11fps of the D4s so what were your key facts to choose the D4s (which costs about the double price) instead of a D810?

    Thank you so much,
    best regards

  • I'd recommend D4s. I had the same dillema few months ago and went for D4s. Main reasons was smaller files and other performance of D4s. The only disadvantage was the price, but I had the money and I bought it and never looked back. I am satisfied with it.

    and also... If you will use grip on D810, size of the camrea will bi bigger than D4s. As with the D700 was.

  • or, you can wait a few days and see, what D750 brings ;) Could be interesting camera
  • You are right, the D750 could be the perfect Wedding camera (if the autofocus is on a similar level than the D4s!) ;-)
  • Price is the key element. ;-) Looking forward to see how the D750 might perform. ;-)
    Thank you guys.
  • So from what I understand from this is that the D810 (the camera I am about to purchase) is not really suitable for Wedding use because the file sizes are too large?


    It's looking quite likely I will be going for the D750 in that case... I can't go higher in price for my first full frame, Jared Polin did a pretty in depth review of the D750 recently and he seemed pretty impressed.

    Ugh, I liked the MP count of the D810 for landscapes though... but yet not really practical for Wedding use? 

    It's a shame the D810 does not support medium sized RAW, the only option is small.

    Oh what to do... 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I just want to steer this conversation in a slightly different direction with regards to the semantics. 

    It's not that the D810 isn't "practical" for weddings, it's an excellent all-round camera. Really top notch. I love it. Responsive and with the controls laid out very well.  Better than the D750. 

    It's that, for me, the D810 would complicate my workflow with the overly large files. Files which are much larger than is really needed for wedding photography. 

    So if we can move away from the idea that the D810 isn't "suitable" or "practical", to a more correct framing of words we use.
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