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Is there a reliable radio system for the 580EX II?

StevefStevef Member
edited August 2014 in Canon
Hi. I'm new here. Banging my head up against the wall using Radiopopper's JRX system. Not reliable at all, from unrequested full power output to no firing at all. Would like to get a system I can bounce back and forth between manual and ETTL. What's my next step? PWs? I'm not seeing very good reviews from EX II users on those either. Thoughts?

Thanks -Steve


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    For the workshops, I used Radio Popper PX units. They work very well, especially since they are inherently a clumsy add-on.

    I tried the PocketWizard TT5 units but even with the two 580 EX II units that were modified to minimize the RF interference, there were hiccups.

    In a workshop context the TT5 units where an embarrassing meltdown in a group situation - each person touching the shutter button would initiate communication with the slave unit, and there would be confusion. It just didn't work with the TT5 and 580 EX II units in a group shoot.

    Your best option - sell the 580 EX II units, and use that money towards the 600 EX. You will be much happier.
  • "Your best option - sell the 580 EX II units, and use that money towards the 600 EX. You will be much happier".

    That's kind of where I was afraid I was headed, but I much rather be happier and a little poorer than not be able to rely my current setup. Nothing worse than seeing that "perfect moment" obliterated by flash failure especially as key lighting.

    Thanks for the great info, Neil!
  • http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1011941-REG/phottix_ph89062_odin_ttl_flash_trigger.html

    I've been happy with the Phottix Odins for Canon. I have two 580 EX IIs and I haven't had any issues. It's super easy to configure all manual, all ETTL, or a mixture of both, while changing flash power all from the controller on your camera.
  • As nice as a cheaper solution sounds,mojicaphoto, I'm discovering that the 580EX II is part of the problem here. Yesterday I had several no-fires with on-camera ETTL, and today the bugger belched out full power several times in ETTL. Resolved by dismounting and reattaching for now. Never had that happen before. Could be just a shoe/plate/contact thing. Either way, I've got to scrap this system and go with the 600s. The 580 is just not reliable in my current setup.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I'd agree Steve, if you can spring for the 600's you will be in whole new ball game.

    A mate has 2 of these and they are simply superb, radio controlled and work brilliantly with one on camera and other off cam, never had an issue.
  • Yes, I'm going to have to go with at least 2 and the transmitter, Trev. I like to keep one in a softbox and the other highlighting the hair at 180 degrees. Works superbly when it works.
  • Got 2 600s with the ST transmitter. What a difference. Just not having to jump around to fix stuff is well worth the price of admission. And the 200mm zoom is fantastic.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Glad you are happy with the purchase. Yep, that 200mm zoom now like the Nikons sure works a treat.
  • the 600's are awesome! i use three off camera with the ST transmitter to shoot the Angel City Derby Girls. high speed recycling with burst mode using the auxillary battery packs on low speed continuous. never a misfire and work all bout without changing batteries. hundreds of shots.
  • I like mine so far. Huge improvement over my experience with the JRX Radiopoppers. I really love the new screen layout, too. Leaps and bounds ahead of the older EX systems.
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