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innovative new flash bracket‏

PhotoShimPhotoShim Member
edited September 2014 in flash & lighting
I recently came across something that seems like quite an innovative solution to a long-nagging problem. Through Amazon, I found this new 3-section umbrella adapter for speedlights. What sets it apart from competing products is that it adds a second hinge between the flash mount and the hole through which the umbrella extends. This is important, of course, as it facilitates tilting the speedlight independent of the umbrella, thereby directing your flash beam more toward the center of the umbrella than most -- or perhaps any -- such mounts, achieving a more optimal spread of light onto your subject.

Perhaps this product is already known to others, but it's new to me.

BTW, for years I've tried solving this myself, but never with very good results. The closest I came involved positioning a tiny Giottos ball head (http://tinyurl.com/q7j2uf7) underneath the flash mount. This did allow tilting the flash independently, but the weight and size of the speedlight seemed too much for the little ball head and I just never fully trusted it to hold.

Let's face it, as lighting problems go, a somewhat off-center bounce from an umbrella isn't exactly going to ruin your day. I think what annoyed me was that when I had achieved a more centered bounce, using the mini ball head, I did believe I was seeing a noticeable improvement. And was I the only one who saw this?

I always expected the folks at Manfrotto to figure this out. They always seem to be tinkering with their products, making tiny improvements here and there.

But no, I guess. It took some little company named Finex (or is it Bava? I can't figure it out) to finally break through.
And though I haven't used it yet (planning to tomorrow), I can attest that the build quality seems first rate. I'll let you know whether it's the fix I've been looking for.

All the best.


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