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Sigma 150-600 F5 Sports "Pope Lens"

This is the big momma I have been waiting and hoping for from Sigma. My past experience at the Vatican and at the Manhattan Yacht Club made me thirst for more more mm. If you are photographing a celebrity or big time politician with no credentials than you will be placed in a nose bleed area where the 70-200mm will just not do. I found at the Vatican a minimum of 600mm was needed for any hope of decent shots of the Pope and, just in case, have that 1.4 teleconverter on hand.

Im going to acquire this lens at some point in the future. Going to wait for the usual cadre of reviews and testing before sinking any money into it.



  • I think you're wise waiting to hear what others say before buying. Sigma have been turning out some great lenses recently so maybe this lens will be similarly good, but I had the original "Bigma" (Sigma 50-500) and I found it very mediocre. I ended up selling it after a couple years of it not being used. f/6.3 widest aperture at the long end is a limitation.
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