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Lighting critique


Did my first serious attempt at off camera flash outdoors a couple of weekends ago, since then I've been a potential homeless for about 20 hours, and then suddenly all sorted for a house move, but never mind that. I used a Lastolite Ezybox II octa 120cm for this ones. I think I should have brought up the ambient light more than I did, but what do you guys think?





  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited September 2014

    My initial reaction is yep, you did good.

    But like you suggested I would have opened the ambient more, a stop at least.

    Or, I probably would have positioned the subjects back further into that patch of light so there was 'rim' lighting on their hair/shoulders to 'pop' them out a bit.

    That also would have alleviated their right side of the head (camera left) from dissolving into the dark background, especially on the girl with black shirt.

    The one small nitpick I also can see a bit distracting, crop the image (guy) so that little patch of sky disappears, it draws your eyes to an unnecessary area of background.

    That would be my honest opinion but you got the off camera light on them nice.

    Well done for your first serious go. :)

  • Nice first effort! But yes the backgrounds are too dark. The faces to flashy in my opinion. Whether that's because the backgrounds are dark and therefore the faces only seem flashy or whether it's because they really are flashy I do not know .
  • Thank you both, that was more or less the conclusions I had come to myself regarding what areas needed improvement etc..


  • Did another test earlier today, I think the light is a lot better balanced with the ambient on this one? (Disregard the washing line) :p

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    That looks more natural, and less contrasty. Nice. 
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Agree Jerry, looks like sunlight on her as the back wall has.
  • I'm a fan of some contrast, because it adds,   ummm, contrast!!  :-)

    It's all in the eye of the photographer. What one of us likes another will not. Also in the eye of the client!

    Good work non the less...

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