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Canon 6D on sale on EBAY for $1349

Here is the link:

In the interests of "responsible posting" I will say this about this deal.  Many people have purchased items from getitdigital without issue.  I personally believe the best way to buy camera gear is through Amazon or BHPhoto.  You can always return items to Amazon or BHPhoto without question.  They will simply take it back.  Im not sure if Getitdigital will take it back or what kind of warranty is on it.  Is it a USA warranty?  Is the camera an import where it wont have a warranty?  These are good questions to ask the seller.  

There are newer and better Canon bodies coming within weeks to months.  The Canon 7D Mark II just came out. I expect the 5D Mark IV and the Canon 1DX II to come out the first quarter of next year.  There is an unsubstantiated rumor a Canon 1 series 40+ megapixel body will be introduced next month.

All that said, the Canon 6D should have picture quality and low light ability similar to the Canon 5D Mark III.  The focus system is simpler and different.  Its not as good at AI Servo as the Canon 5D Mark III.  However, for landscapes, portraits, travel photography, etc. it will be an awesome camera.  

I would rather have the $1349 Canon 6D stolen from me than the $3200 Canon 5D Mark III or the 6-7k Canon 1DX.  So this would be a good camera to have close to you in areas where security might be a concern.  


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