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Saving RAW files processed in LR for someone using PS.

I did a quick photoshoot for a photographer friend of mine and told her I would give her all the RAW files once I did some edits to the ones I liked.  I edited a bunch of pics and now would like to give her all the files edited and unedited.

She uses PS and I use LR.  Is there a way to give her the edited LR files so the adjustments remain intact and then she can import into PS if she wants to?  Also, what's the best way to give her the unedited RAW files as well?

Thanks for your help.



  • ZenonZenon Member
    edited October 2014
    I didn't know about this but just tried it out. I exported a file and in the export page I set the File Settings section - Image Format to Original. In Lr I pushed the exposure to +3 and exported to my desktop. I opened it in PS and it opened with ACR and maintained that adjustment. It also exported an .xmp file with the original RAW as well. When I looked at the thumb nail I couldn't  see the changes but when I opened it is PS it looked overexposed so it maintained the adjustment. 

    I also tried exporting as a PSD and the thumbnail looked over exposed. When I opened it did not open in ACR first. It just opened in PS. My guess is a TIFF would be the same. TIFF's are huge files.                

    I'd try a few tests first.  

    Original RAW files. I would just download them into a folder on my desktop and then just copy the folder to a stick.   
  • dmcdtc

    Give your friend both the RAW files and their associated
    sidecar files in the same folder she can either read the metadata from the
    files to see the edited files or reset the file to see the unedited file.


  • 1.  Select the Edit Files in the Lightroom Library (Grid View works well for this).
    2.  From the menu bar, click on Metadata > Save metadata to file or press CTRL + S
    3.  Look in the folder where you originally saved the raw files and you'll now see the raw files and .xmp sidecar files.
    4.  You can copy the raw files and their matching xmp sidecar files to a new folder or compress them to a zip file.  Upload to a file sharing service like
    Dropbox or MediaFire, send the link to your friend, and she will be able to download them.

    As long as the xmp sidecar files remain together with the raw files you will be able to open the raw files in Adobe Camera Raw and your edits will be available since the editing instructions are saved in the xmp sidecar file which can be read by any Adobe application.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Exactly what Quin and Jan mentioned - give the other photographer the .xmp files. 
    All your adjustments are written to those side-car files. 
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