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Urgent help, tomorrow's project

Tomorrow I have one project, that I need help with lightning. So if someone can suggest me the best/easiest way to do it, I'd aprishiate it.

The avenue will be part of the old steel company, something like this,but much smaller, like max 4m high: http://cdn.c.photoshelter.com/img-get/I0000bFmmSASjrbg/s/750/600/071030-Energy-073.jpg

In front of this steel stuff and fire, I will have group of five kids. They will be lit from the back by this fire. The problem is, how to light them from the front?

I don't want to kill the fire light, I don't want them to be from different light source...

Any idea? I was thinking of bouncing the flash behind me, but I have very tight space and I am afraid I will kill all the ambient's mood.

Should I gel the flash with CTO?  I was also thinking of setting the umbrellas, but not sure if it will be too bright to kill the fire light in the ambient.


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Keep the light (with an umbrella?) as close to them as possible. In this case, Inverse Square Law will be your friend, reducing how much light from your flash hits the background. 
  • Yes, I will have two umbrellas, with silver reflective umbrella and two sb900's. I was thinking to combine low shutter speed and higher ISO, to get as much ambient light I can and reduce flash light.  Hope it will work. 
  • I am still postprocessing photos. But, it was OK, i guess. 

    The fireplace was not that huge, so I did not get any illumination from it. So I had to light all the room with two umbrellas. I did one small mistake with too low shutter speed (forgot to raise ISO and shutter) so two or three of images are lost due to my shakin' hand. Tho they can still be used for web, just with 100% view you can see it. 
    Otherwise I think it will be OK. I had problems with the youngest kid, who constantly put her tongue out and not willing to participate, but I have my tricks, so I manage to pull off few images, taht will be probbably used. :)

    Will see, when I deliver them to customer. Thanks Neil for help!
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