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Profoto B1 can now do high-speed flash sync


Head over to the Profoto website to download the software upgrade. 
You have to do it for your controllers and the B1

I did a quick test here in my home, and it works. I was able to sync up to the maximum shutter speed on my Nikon D810 ... 1/8000

There is a color shift that happens - colors shift warmer. Not much of an issue for on-location stuff. We aren't doing product photography with high-speed sync. 

The actual light loss is about 2 - 2.3 stops of light, but effectively, you'd only see 1 - 1.3 stops of light. 

if you have correct exposure at 1/250 @ f/11  (and I do see the beginning of the edge of the one shutter curtain creeping in), 
then you will have correct exposure at 1/500 @ f/5 
So that's 2.3 stops of light difference just looking at the aperture, but since you'll be using this on location, the shutter speed makes a difference now ... and effectively you will just notice 1 - 1.3 stops of light loss from your flash. 

This really bumps this game-changing flash into a new league. 

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