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Can flash triggers be used with analog camera ?


i would like to test using off camera flashes with an old camera (canon ae1), does anyone know if the newer flashes and flash triggers can be used with it ? In manual mode for instance ?


  • The camera has both a hotshoe and a sync port, so there is no problem having flashes or strobes off-camera, either wireless or wired. You just need to set the power level of the remotes manually. Some examples: Wireless trigger (of various brands) in the hotshoe to fire off camera flashes/strobes. Or, wireless trigger connected via sync cable to fire off camera flashes/strobes. Or, sync cable connected between camera and flash/strobe (wired solution).
  • CedCed Member
    So no issue in terms of voltage? The triggering signal voltage from the hotshoe of the canon ae1 would be the same as the one from the wireless trigger, let say pocket wizards, yongnuo ,etc... ? Just want to check I don't burn anything :)
  • You should be ok. The concern over voltage with this topic is not the camera damaging the flash/strobe, but the other way around. Old flashes often had some high voltages that can damage the electronics in cameras that control switching the hotshoe and PC sync port. Older cameras like the AE1 have very simple electronics in this regard and like I said, you *should* be ok, particularly if what you are firing are newer things (like pocket wizards, yongnuo, etc. rather than old, old flashes).
  • CedCed Member
    Yeah...I just don't want to be the first one to do the test :-)
  • CedCed Member
    Looks like it is working :)
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