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Nikon D800

LimeyLimey Member
edited February 2015 in Nikon
Very tempted to pick up a D800 but concerned by the extra computer power needed to handle the beasty files.
Can anyone using one give me a brief breakdown on their computer/storage/software set up? Operating system/ram required typically?

I've also heard hand holdable sharp images can be an issue? How true is this if using a sensible shutter speed?


  • I never did use the D800 I got last year for this very reason, large files. I used it I think twice. My computer (MacBook Pro) couldn't handle the files. Beyond slow. I felt at the time I needed a back-up for my aging two D700s and neither the D750 or D810 were out. (My D700s are going strong now, love them). I spent $3,000 on it less than a year ago and, I've called around and looked on the net, and I will be very lucky if I get half of that if I sell it. Probably less, despite 401 shutter count. I don't know about any sharpness issue.

    I think you'd be happier with D810. However if you want a gently-used D800 I've got one for for you :-).
  • Thanks for the comment skipper! Yeah on review of other workflow upgrades I would need I've back tracked on the d800. I'm actually finding the d610 a very attractive proposition with the inevitable price drop. I'm looking to upgrade my d700.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    edited February 2015
    I have the D810 ... RAW files are around 40Mb in size.  Huge. 
    Not a problem on my iMac which is the fastest / biggest that was available a year ago ... with 1 TB SSD hard drive and 32 Gb RAM.

    But the files are noticeably slower to crunch on my older MacBook Pro which has lower spec. 

    So if you're doing any kind of volume work, you'd better have a speedy computer. 

    Re the D800 / D810 showing poor photography technique easily ... yes, it would because of the larger file size. If you're viewing images at 100% you will more easily notice poor camera handling skills and any lens flaw will show up. 

    So I don't think there is a sharpness issue - it is much rather more that you now have the ability to see just how badly your technique sucks. 
  • No issues here with my D800 using a "mid-2011" 27" iMac (3.4GHz Core i7, 12 GB RAM) for the raw files in Lightroom 5.7. For me, the 36 megapixels are nice and the body and features are better than the consumer-ish D610. As for the file sizes, time marches on and computers need to be upgraded eventually. The Canon 5Ds is 50 MP - those raw files will make the D800 ones look small.
  • My photography at present consists of studio/location model portrait shoots 1-2 times a month, plus 4-5 weddings per year.
    My current gear line up (bodies and lenses) are:
    Nikon D700
    Nikon D300
    Nikon 28-70 2.8
    Nikon 85 1.8
    Nikon 50 1.8

    I hire a Nikon 70-200 2.8 when paid work requires it (eg weddings) but its a bit tight on my D300 and changing mid-flow to D700 is a pain/inconvenient.

    I have a war chest of ~£1700 to upgrade the D300.

    I probably share this dilemma with a lot of similar photographers.  I've whittled it down to 3 options:

    1. Used (relatively high mileage) D3s
    2. D610 plus a used 70-200 2.8 vr mk1
    3. D750

    I cant see any reason not to go for the D3s except no improvement on pixels but I cant say I need more than currently.
    Im concerned with the D610 autofocus backwards step (or is it???) but I can then by glass (no more hire)
    D750 is great but does it offer me more than D3s?


    Advice please!!! 
  • I have a D810 upgraded from a D800. Neil is correct (as usual), the camera reveals any, and I mean any issue with your photographic technique. I used Apple Aperture, and have converted to Adobe LR. Everything is processed as a DNG. iMac 27 (2009), 16GB RAM, 1TB storage. 41K images Not all from the D8x0 bodies, some from the D300, some from the X100s. The file size isn't really a problem. I LOVE the detail. Storage is cheap. 

    You will notice it here: Copy and convert time required from a 128GB card. Go get coffee. Back up time. I used to wish that the D800 had a smaller file size. Now I have the 810 with the sRAW size, Never use it. Go figure. 

    One big issue I noticed. The shutter on the D810 is much better than the D800. It seems smoother, quieter.

    Hope this helps.  
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    About the shutter on the D810 ... have you noticed how short the mirror black-out time is? The best I've seen in any camera I've used.
  • You are right Neil, the mirror black-out time is shorter. Thinking back on a recent reception shoot of a few hundred images, my flow (composition process), was much smoother, less interruption. Not rangefinder level, but much better than the D800. The D810 is a very smooth camera.   
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