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(Simple) Speedlite and Battery Question

I probably should call Canon to ask this, but I figured I would ask you guys before I did that: with a speedlite or any flashgun (I have a Canon 430EX II), does the freshness of the batteries (non-rechargeable) or the amount of charge contained (rechargeable) affect only the recycle time, or does it also affect the power output?

Thanks - Dave


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Only the recycle time, once the light comes on it should deliver the same/set/exact power you want.

    The only thing is with fresher batteries is it takes less to charge up.
  • Thanks. That's what I thought, but was checking only because I was bouncing my flash using E-TTL, and wasn't getting enough light. And, it wasn't like there was a great distance between the flash and the bounce point. So I switched to manual, played around with the setting a bit, a took my photos.

  • ViccoVicco Member
    I think this is a good question.
    I tried out something similar some months ago: Batteries vs. rechargable batteries (which have a lower voltage) and no difference was visible.

    So, it actually should affect only the recycling time.
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