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A White BFT?

Neil, Is it possible to use something like a small Rogue FlashBender on your flash instead of a BFT... bend it around the flash so that no direct flash is hitting the subject?... In other words, does it have to be black or is it OK if the inside is white?  As a bonus, I'm thinking that white might give you a little more light to bounce with.  I know you like your BFT not to extend too far up from the flash head.  Are the FlashBenders just too long to do the job?  What if it was cut?  Wondering what you think.


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    The reason behind the Black Foamy Thing (BFT) is so that the light is controlled, or flagged to stop spill and to direct it more accurately to where it's to bounce back from.

    Sure, if you want to use a white thing go right ahead, but as I said, it's nothing to do with giving more light output, it's all in the control/direction the light comes from.

    Some links:

    Why a Black Light Modifier?   http://neilvn.com/tangents/black-light-modifier/

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  • I'm imagining what Tornardo is thinking may be - could the BFT be a W (white) FT? At first guess, I would think "why not", as it is blocking the light from spilling forward. Is that what you are asking? But my gut tells me it should be black. Black is the absence of light, and the idea is to keep the light from spilling where you don't want it. Absence of light. Black.

    You could experiment. Make a BFT and a WFT, use the same material, and use them on the same shot and see what happens.
  • That is my thinking... the BFT should block the light from spilling forward.... a WFT would also do that but because it is white it would not absorb light as the BFT would... it should send more light into the room... I figured that instead of making a homemade BFT that looks homemade, I can convert a FlashBender... it may look more professional and would only cost around $20... the interior of a FlashBender is white though.... I would love to know if anyone ever tried it.... we shall see!
  • I have a FlashBender, which is labelled "small", and is roughly 9" x 5". One side is white, the other side black, and either side can be used. Maybe I have a different one than you.

    FACTORY SECOND: Rogue SMALL FlashBender Reflector - Flash Bender
  • That is the one I was thinking of getting... it seems to be a little too long for my liking... I can modify it... was wondering what Neil thinks of the white interior... I know he wants the foam to flag the light from the speedlight... this will do that... is there a downside to having a white interior inside the foamie thing?
  • I would imagine a WFT will put too much light up on the ceiling (assuming there is one), creating heavier shadows. It will bounce much more light upwards than the BFT.
  • Seems to me that the white would create some harsh light on the subject since it is pretty small, and I think the light reflecting off the white would also be brighter than the bounced light since it is traveling far less of a distance, making the harshness of it even more apparent. I think the purpose of the light bender is more to be used as a small reflector outside or somewhere where bouncing isn't possible....it's better than direct flash but not as good as bounced flash..
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    You could use a white card, or something like the rogue flash-bender. 

    But there's a reason why I prefer a piece of black material to flag my flash - I want to control how the light spills.  A white card will sometimes spread too much light around, and not control it enough:

  • Thanks Neil... in the past 2 weeks I must have put in over 50 hours reading ALL of your blog... I understand the concept of the BFT I agree with you... I was putting together a BFT and was wondering if the inside of it was white, would it make a difference in a negative way... I wouldn't have thought so because I am still able to control how the light spills... but I trust your judgement... thanks for chiming in!
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