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Headshot Packages

Hey guys & gals... I wanted to get some feedback from the group on what you offer in Model / Actor headshot packages.  I'm not looking for pricing because that is very market driven.  I live in a small town in Florida .. which wouldn't compare to a New York or LA market at all.  So, remove price from the equation.  Here's what I would really like to know:

1) How long is a typical headshot session with your client?

2) Are your headshot sessions strictly headshots (chest up) or do you also include more half/full body with the environment more predominant in the image?

3) How many images do you typically provide from a session?

4) How many "looks" or clothing changes do you allow for?

5) Once you select the images you're going to deliver, which of the following would apply:

     a) I just do the basic editing like color correction, exposure, highlights/shadows

     b) I do all of (a) above plus remove skin blemishes, soften skin and edit to a more finished final image on a few select images.  How many?

     c) I do all of (a) & (b) on 100% of the images I deliver.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can offer.


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