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Huge led panels

MichaelVMichaelV Member
edited May 2015 in flash & lighting
It seems like these huge led panels are the new in thing in constant lighting. They do seem to cost a lot but the benefits outweigh the cost. They are cool temp wise and durable. No bulbs to break. I was looking at these Generay 1000 led panel. Im wondering if anyone has ever run a lightmeter on one of these large led panels. What aperture, iso, speed can I expect to achieve with a large studio oriented led panel?


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I've been eyeing these for several years now - especially the one made by Rotolux. 
    But they are so spendy!
  • Ive seen many videographers from the big news networks use the large led panels to go with their super expensive video cams. What led panels do they use? Looking through various reviews on Amazon there seems to be a difference between the cheaper ones and the expensive ones. For example, the Cowboy Studio or Fancier cheaper panels dont enjoy very good reviews.

  • Michael,

    I had made the investment in Led panels last year. I purchased 4 Ikan bi-color IFB-1024 panels.(A large purchase)  I have used them several times. I really was hoping to use them for everything, but I seem to keep going back to flash. I had originally purchased them for a commercial shoot I was doing. It was a business conference along with head shots. After a week of testing, I got a little nervous about my shutter speed even though I pumped up my ISO and I couldn't get a decent background exposure and hide the panel behind the subject. Ironically, The other thing that seemed to hinder this also was that the brightness of the lights. Every time I put a test subject in to test, they said holy crap its bright. Unless your used to being in the spotlight or work in the video industry, they would mention it. I quote "Feels like an alien abduction"! I thought that was pretty funny! Last peeve I have with them is that you need to use them at 4300-4800 Kelvin to get the most punch out of the lights. (unless you want to shoot at 2.8)  Didn't know that when I purchased them. Only when you blend the two extremes that you get decent light with a decent aperture  (in my opinion). All together though they have been awesome for lighting backgrounds in rooms behind subjects etc... I use them as room accents and can match the ambient light. I also can see them used for product shots. They would be perfect!  
  • Flash does have the advantage of all out power.  There are cheaper alternatives like this Impact 4 tube fluoro fixture for $250:

    I could buy 3-4 of the fixtures for the price of one 1000-led panel.  Of course, the tubes are fragile and one good bump and they shatter.  

    If I was going to setup a studio with continuous lighting I would probably look at those fixtures.  I was using someone else's setup which had these type of fixtures.  I think they had 3 2-tube fixtures which seemed to do the job.  Im wondering what 3 4-tube fixtures would do?    
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