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Battery Powered Monolights

I am about to pull the trigger on a set of 4 battery powered monolights, but keep hesitating because of a couple of minor things. I have narrowed my choices to two brands. I know both will serve me well but a couple of minor differences are holding me up. I am hoping a few members here will be able to help validate a decision or give me and idea or two I haven't thought of. My two choices are the Flashpoint Rovelight and the rebranded Dynalite Baja B4. Both lights have all the features I am looking for but I will list my hesitations to each.

Baja B4 : 1.... Exposed Glass dome over flash tube looks fragile for transportation (I travel a lot) 2.  Battery slides in side and wires could loosen up. (my main hesitation) 

Rovelight 1......Flash trigger looks cheap and requires an external trigger to accomplish high speed sync. (Even though I really don't require HSS) .  Interface on back does not look as intuitive as the Baja, but do like the fact that battery is all inclusive and slides in back. 

If I was independently wealthy I would just buy 4 Profoto's and be done with it but cannot justify spending over 8 grand.  Any suggestions or real world users on here, please chime in. I am currently using Alien Bees with the battery for location work and Hensel and Novatron for studio work. Starting to hate wires:) So I am hoping to find an all-inclusive solution. Thanks!
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