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The Black Foamie Thing - The "Neewer" version

I just saw this on Amazon and had a good laugh.  It seems like the folks behind the "Neewer" brand have stolen Neils idea and added a few twists like putting a silver finish on one side and black on the back.  It doubles as a snoot and a flash card/diffusion panel.  Only $10 to boot.


  • dbrunodbruno Member
    Hmmm, it looks more like a Rogue Flashbender with a silver side to me.

    Where are the hair bands?
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Yup, looks like a knock-off Flash-Bender. 
  • Doesn't matter if it is a knock off or not. As long as it works, and people are willing to pay for it, so be it. That simple. Look at Yongnuo flashes for example. when they first came out, people said, "Garbage Asian crap". They are not saying that any longer. Well built and very reliable. If all you need are manual flashes, you simply can't beat these for the price. I have two flashes that  have TTL, all the rest are manual only, and ALL Yongnuo. Just making a point that gear made by someone other then the mainstream companies, (CaNikon) can be just as good or even superior.
  • Make no mistake. All flash equipment breaks down. Ive had the Quantums and the Canon Speedlights back to the repair depot. The 580 EX II was especially in need of the depot. I sold it just before the 1 year warranty.

    Dont know about Yongnuo flashes....

    This 10 dollar device will not break;)
  • Neil you're just crazy not to patent and mass produce the BFT. I know you've said it's just a 5-cent piece of foam or whatever from AC Moore or Michael's that can't be claimed as one's own -- any more than a banana or 8.5x11 piece of paper -- but there's soooo much less-worthy crap out there patented, copyrighted, mass-produced and making people rich. You put two in a nice paper wrapper, insert two spiffy-looking elastic bands and handy sheet of directions, emphasize that they're just the right size for most speedlights, just the right shade of black, charge a low low price of $12.99 and voila, you're a millionaire. 
  • Not to mention BFT has far more cachet than "Diffuser Bender Light Beam Snoot Softbox Tube" -  DBLBSST.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    edited May 2015
    I wanted to see if BFT comes up on Google. You know, for The Black Foamie Thing.
    But Urban Dictionary came up first with  Big Fake Tits.
  • You don't sell the BFT. You sell the Black Foamie Thing. The important word is Foamie.
  • I just got a new phone and started using it yesterday. So it has no history of my internet use. I'm on train and away from computer. So I go to the URL field on the Internet and just type in neilvn, to find my way to this forum. I got a list of options from Google. The first two were neilvn and neil vn. The third was neil vn black foamie thing.
  • Neil, you should at least trademark the name. It's not that difficult a process and would be fun. Then you can put the little "TM" symbol after every mention of it.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    No need to trade-mark the name ... I own the domain names, and can show prior use. 
    And if someone would be able to make money from cutting pieces of black foam in his basement ... good luck to them.
  • No, what you do is have them made out of an environmentally-sustainable material like bamboo or a cotton or wood product. And have them made in a fair trade way either here or abroad.
  • I bought one. it has no struts to hold the form of the reflector like the Rogue Flashbenders do. the material is silver not white. i don't think it will be nearly as useful. maybe more as a snoot.
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