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Photo gear rental places

I've been using the local camera store here in NJ for rental gear. Unique Photo

For more exotic stuff, I've been using Lens Rentals, and Lens Pro To Go. 

I just received an email from another photo gear rental place that I hadn't been aware of: 

Their pricing is really good. Much less than Lens Rentals.

Which other places are you all using?


  • I second the recommendation for Lens Pro To Go, outside of Boston. I use them mostly although I had good luck with Lens Rentals the one or two times I used them. 

    I don't know about Lens Rentals but it looks like Lens Giant is not really cheaper than Lens Pro To Go if you factor in shipping. Lens Pro To Go offers free one-day shipping in both directions. While Lens Giant's prices are cheaper and the rental period slightly more flexible, once you add in the shipping the rates for Lens Giant become about the same as Lens Pro To Go or even significantly more expensive, say if you want one or two day shipping.

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