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Finally bought a Mirrorless (Sony A7)

Well, the summer travel season is upon us and the struggle of carrying the heavy camera gear on the plane and then lugging it somewhere around the world is about to begin.  Every time I plan a vacation, I always want my big camera with my big lenses .... but the weight, keeping it safe on the airline, the heavy load to carry around all day.  All one big yuk.  

This year, I've pulled the trigger on a Mirrorless.  Went with the Sony A7 and their 24-70mm f/4.  I'm hopeful all the reviews I've read have lead me in the right direction.  

I went with the A7 over the A7s, A7R because I liked the 24 Megapixel file size which fit nicely right in the middle of the other two.  Also, DXOMark website played a big part in my decision.  What a wonderful resource they are.  http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras

Anyway, I'll let you all know how I feel after I start using it.  The camera should arrive sometime next week.


  • PDH7981PDH7981 Member
    Oh.. I meant to add that if any other Sony A7 Series user would let me know their thoughts, I'd sure love to hear from you.
  • PDH,

                I dumped ALL my Nikon gear and went with the Sony A7, A6000, and NEX6. A7 being Full Frame as you're aware...Fantastic piece of gear..And the A6000 with 11 FPS with auto focus...Great if your into Birding or sports...REALLY great, plus with the A6000 APS-C sensor...even better.  My A6000 is my go to Camera and my small in home studio is the A7 with Minolta 85mm F1.4 with Sony LA-EA-4 adapter..Love that you can go very small footprint with these cameras or large with adapters and use ANY lens made ON THE PLANET! Welcome to the Sony fold...
  • PDH7981PDH7981 Member
    Thanks Penndraonn... Glad to join the Sony family.  Now, my A7 hasn't arrived yet but I'm already a bit confused on the battery charger part.  From other posts, this doesn't come with a charger?  Or does it?  Not sure if I should just go ahead and purchase one now.  It will be a day or so behind the camera coming but I don't want to do that if some type of charging system is included.
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    Hey PDH,

                          You're correct, doesnt not come with a charger. You have to charge with included cable through camera. Can't use it while it's charging either. Just buy a cheap after market one like the ones I've gotten on the Bay:


    Do NOT get other ones listed. The chargers with the Large tabs on side of charger are much better...Chargers listed where battery just kind of clips in...garbage. they work, but will take all day to charge, literally. Buy two of the ones I've linked too, they're cheap and work great. Buy a few extra batteries as well, EVF's and LCD drain these batteries rather quickly. Aftermarket batteries just as good. I have 4 Sony OEM batteries and four aftermarket ones, performance wise, can't tell the difference. Hope all that helps. People complain about battery performance, but they're so small, carrying a few extra ones not even worth complaining about. Really.

  • julieojulieo Member
    I too received my first mirrorless..Sony A7ii . The next day I brought it along to my daughter's college graduation. Did Not purchase a flash at the time so I was amazed at the low light capabilities. I read up and bought 3 batteries as they do drain quite quickly. Im not ready to put down my D4 and my sports lens though, Sony won't be able to match the D4 for my sports work. I bought the Sony 55 1.8 and thinking about the 24-70..

    Have fun

    attached is shot outside resturant, Auto ISO ( 1,000) 1/60, 2.0 , 55 1.8 lens , 11 pm no flash
  • julieo,

               The Sony A6000 will be fantastic for sports. The D4 only beats it for it's Full frame capabilities, main one being low light performance. Other then that...See if you can borrow one, you'll be amazed at its sports performance.  Mirror less and EVF's are where digital cameras are headed. The technology is getting even better as we speak. Carrying around hug lenses and cameras will go the way of film, and in the not so distant future. remember I said this...

    Check these out:

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    Wasn't aware we were not permitted to put links to youtube here..Since they were removed, I'm assuming such. I'm at a loss because I've done it before without them being removed. The link was simply to show people alternatives and features other then CaNikon.
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    Nope, neither Neil nor myself removed any links. Feel free to repost them mate.

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    I didn't delete any Youtube links. I even checked now in the coding if there was something wrong with the way it was posted, but it all looks fine to me. Please repost. 
  • I've actually forgotten which ones they were!!  DUH...No worries...it'll come to me..thanks..Not important now, but thx.
  • PDH7981PDH7981 Member
    First impression, I got the camera just yesterday afternoon.  It looks good but I haven't had much experience with it yet.  Well, I take that back, my first experience was charging the battery using the supplied USB cable and power plug.  It took 5 hours.  I've already order a spare battery and charger.  The battery life starts running down quickly.  It arrived at 4pm yesterday, I charged it and it finished charging at 9pm.  I went to this great Youtube video that helped tremendously in setting up the menus for the first time. 

    You can find that link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxXSVm2OQzc   

    After about an hour of setting up the menu's and playing with the camera, I was already down to 63% battery life left.  That's a bit concerning but I figured, I'd just pick up the external battery charger along with a spare battery and it would be fine.  So far, that's about all the time I've had to play with it.  I do like it though.  I just went out for about 30-45 minutes shooting in Manual mode as well as Aperture Priority.  Both, seem to work well.  I wish I could figure out how to put the histogram inside the view finder, which would be neat to have.  It does show on the LCD, but I'd love to see the histogram while looking through the viewfinder.    It's so different from my D3s or D700, it is going to take some getting used to.  I bought the A7 and their 24-70 f/4. 

    I imported about 50 images into Lightroom and man does it seem slow.  I even built 1:1 previews and the update rate is slow.  This is LR 6 Licensed version.  (Not CC).  It's not my computer because I have the recommended graphics card and I'm using that for rendering.  Not sure if I'm just used to 12Mb files and now I'm rendering 24Mb. 

    I'll keep testing.

  • PDH,

                         The control wheel on rear camera, READS display on top of it. Just keep pushing it until the Histogram shows up. that easy. Each press of the up control wheel is a different display mode. As for batteries, they are so tiny it's a NON issue...I always have spares and a wall charger, as well as a car charger with me. I too had the Nikon D700, along with D7000, and the older D200 and D90...All Gone. Still have 3 old Nikon primes (manual), that I use with a Nikon F to NEX or E Mount adapter, same thing....Fantastic. Aside from the Nikon glass, I use Exclusively Minolta A Mount lenses with the LA-EA-2 adapter on the A6000 and NEX 6, and the LA-EA-4 adapter on the A7...When I want to go small, compact and light, I put the Nikon lenses on...Anything you need to know, feel free to ask.
  • PDH,

              Sent you a message, did you get it?
  • julieojulieo Member
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    After 2 weeks of the A7ii, I am really loving it! I mainly use the 55 1.8 but want to find a vintage street lens or just buy the 24-70 4.0. This camera allows me to use an old Zeiss 85 1.4 with the fotodiox adapter. The peaking color helps with any focusing issues. 
    Here is a pic from this morning of "Chicka" my willing model with the old Zeiss Lens.
    I have 4 marketing shoots next week and will probably still use my D4 due to the familiarity of that camera, but I can see this A7ii creeping into the production line. 
  • Amazing cameras aren't they julieo?
  • PDH7981PDH7981 Member
    Penndragonn2001... I didn't receive your message.

  • PDH,

        If you want to learn EVERYTHING about Sony/Minolta cameras, this is THE site:

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    penndragonn2001... no link in your message.
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    Not sure why it's not showing up...I'll send in PM

    I'll try it again PDH

    Here it is: 

    Ron, testing any link for you, for some reason your links do not show up.  Trev


    Feel free to edit then and delete my comment.  :)

  • Yeah not sure why either...very odd. but thank you very much...

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  • Yeah Trev,

                        The copy and paste method..Thanks for the info.

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  • Awww. 3 days. Just type it?.. www.eeeeeefffooomuacks.com/getmeright/flyerten.htm
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    Certainly Rany that would work, but it's really weird if he cannot copy/paste, and some addresses are really long also and I know I would get frustrated trying to type the thing, but yep, he could try that for sure.
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    Oh well, I guess that's all she wrote......

  • Yes, re-louping the   current   site kinda odd..
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