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Critique Please

I've been trying to apply all of the things I have learned from this forum and some of Neil's books. Pictured is my son in hay field In Arizona. I don't mind feedback all feedback is good for me. Excuse my logo I only have this pic from my facebook on this laptop.  I  Used an Octobox with 2 speedlights set a 1/2 power inside of it,  about 6 ft away.


  • BraveheartBraveheart Member
    edited June 2015

    Looks good to me Bud, good job.

    If it was me, I would up the exposure on the boy about 1/3 of a stop(2nd pic) or angle softbox slightly higher. Looks good as is though.


  • Thank you Iain, for some reason I really dig the underexposed look, though I get that a lot about my photography... just a little lighter and it would have been perfect haha. Thank Bud.
  • I think they're really great. Nice work. I agree your son is a bit underexposed but you say you like that, so ok! My only complaint is that the hay is more lit than your son and so it has the effect of upstaging him, visually. They say the viewer's eye is drawn to the lightest part of a photo. Not sure I agree with that. My eye was drawn to your son. But the brightly-lit hay I think is distracting. Not bad but it's a bit too much.

    Really nice job with the beautiful evening light. You've retained all that lovely color and the mood too. Or is it sunrise? I never can tell.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited June 2015

    First photo, great job, and no, it's exposed great as his face, arms, chest are good and it's just his great skin complexion, which compliments the fantastic sunset. beautiful job mate, love it.

    Second photo, LOVE the composition, pose, and the use of portrait mode here .... the **only** small thing I see here is:

     The softbox could have been moved juuusst a tad more to camera right, as there is a distinct linear line marking the 'exposed' right side of face compared to his left side with it right in the middle down the nose. That would also have lessened the light effect on the backside of the bale in the second shot just perfectly.

    However, it's all very well and good to 'armchair' critique as working against a setting sun, small LCD, and I know when looking through a viewfinder against the sun I can't see any thing on the LCD screen for a couple of minutes.

    Iain, those are really superb shots though, and I even like the fact the hay bale is lit as it compliments the great rim lighting from the sun behind on his hair, shoulders, etc.

    I bet his mum (wife/partner) would be damn happy to get those.


  • Looks good to me as well...nice work...
  • Thanks guys, my lighting partner was not very pleased to be handling the softbox (girlfriend) but she was very pleased, she also noticed the lone on the second picture and said that why you wanted me to move haha thanks the critique and advice and compliments, you guys are awesome. I cant wait to apply some of the things in my next shoot. Thank you!

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Looks mighty fine to me. Nothing to critique. 
    I especially like the horizontal image. 
  • ViccoVicco Member
    I like that , too.
    One thing to consider: you also lit a lot of the foreground (the grass) ... if you want your subject to stand out more, put light on the boy, but not (so much) on the grass around the boy. A grid does that job.
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