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Opinions Requested: To Scale Down or Not...

danfazdanfaz Member
Hi All,

I have a Canon efs 17-55 lens that I've been shooting events with lately. Although a fine lens, on my dinky T3i (and esp. with a 580EX flash on it), it can get pretty cumbersome. I seem to shoot mostly in the 24-35 range with it as well, so I was wondering if it would be a good or bad idea to scale down to something like the 28mm 1.8?


  • I wouldn't , that lens will be your work horse for years to come.
    Id upgrade the body.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Yup, I would agree on that. 
    For events, the f/1.8 aperture isn't that useful except for helping with AF. You still need more depth-of-field than f/1.8
  • dbrunodbruno Member
    I have a similar setup for events - Canon T3i, 580EX II, and a Sigma 17-50 mm f2.8. I'm never getting rid of this lens, and I hope it never craps out. Wonderful, IMHO. I use it for all my indoor events. I agree with Matrix - upgrade the body. If I ever get going with a *paying* job or two a month, that's what I'm doing.

  • MichaelVMichaelV Member
    edited July 2015
    The question is about the camera being too cumbersome. Unfortunately, the only lighter smaller zoom would be the plastic kit lenses or the stm lenses which are inferior in many ways. They do make excellent travel lenses as they are lightweight and much easier to replace if lost, broken or stolen. The prime 28mm lens is really a specialty lens only good for specific purposes, but its not a lens that you want to shoot an event with for many reasons. It simply lacks the flexibility you need for an event. If you do desire a faster lens, I would get the recently introduced Sigma 24-35 mm 2.0, but still that lens lacks stabilization and flexibility needed for event photography.

    If you really want a smaller package the Canon SL2 is coming out in August with the newest 24 megapixel sensor, but the battery I believe is the smaller EOS M style battery. You can get a battery grip for the SL2, but still it would give inferior battery life when compared to the larger Rebel series.

    Another option is to take the flash off camera utilizing a trigger. You could downsize the flash to the 4xx series but that would be much less light output.

    So there are not a lot of practical options for a smaller package. The T series of Rebel cameras and the 17-55 are already small when compared to other options. The Canon SL2 and EOS M3 are lighter and smaller with their kit lens, but they are better suited for travel and personal use. Both the M3 and SL series lack the features an avid enthusiast and pro truly desire.

    To get less noise/better iso performance upgrading to the T6S, EOS M3, SL2, 70D or 7D Mark II gets you about 20 to 30% better. A noise reducing raw converter like DXO Optics will get it better. The Canon 6D (soon to be Canon 6D Mark II) will get you 3 times better iso performance and is a deal right now, but that requires significant investment in full frame lenses. The 6D is the most compact full frame that Canon makes but is better suited for an enthusiast because it lacks the features a professional event photographer desires like the joystick. The 6D is still larger than the Rebel series.

    So for professional event photography you are out of luck as far as less cumbersome. What you have is about as compact as it gets.
  • danfazdanfaz Member
    Thanks guys, looks like I will keep what I have. MichaelV, that was a fantastic breakdown, guess I just need to buck up! Thanks again, puts things into perspective.
  • danfazdanfaz Member
    edited July 2015
    @michaelv, another question ...I am keeping my current setup until I can upgrade my body. Was kinda eyeballing either an efs 10-18 to get more group shot capabilities, or the efs 60 macro in order to get some fine detail shots (and possibly slightly nicer portraits) .

    What would you recommend as a must have between these two to compliment the 17-55?
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