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A Lightroom Problem or a Windows 7 Problem?

I processed about 200 photos yesterday to JPEG using LR. I wanted to keep them in a specific sequence, so I chose "Custom Name and Sequence". I looked at the results, and about 15 of them were too noisy for my liking. I adjusted and reprocessed them one by one, but appended a "B" on the end of the file name, so I could compare with the original. After choosing the B version, I blew the original away, and knocked off the B from the file name. It did not go into the sequence where I wanted it to. No matter how I tried in the file folder to "sort by name", it remained at the top of the stack, out of order.

I don't know if anyone else has had the issue. One thing I did notice is that once when I knocked off the "B" from the file name, and had two files named the same, I didn't get a warning message. Both files were in the folder with the same names, and I have never had this happen without a warning. Could it be there was something embedded in the "B" file that made it different, so it would not go into the sequence correctly?

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