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Rapid Box Duo vs Apollo Orb

Hi everyone!,

I am new to the site and want to thank Neil for all his hard work!  I have been looking at different softboxes for speedlites for sometime.  I keep coming back to the Rapid Boxes and the Apollo series.  I am trying to decide between the Rapid Box Duo, which will allow two speedlites on a bracket with two layers of diffusion and the Apollo Orb.  Does anyone  have any insight on the Rapid Box Duo?  I have read a lot of both positive and negative feedback on the Orb.  I read Neils review of the Rapid Box Octa which got me think about that line of softboxes again.  The Apollo series seems to have been a very popular product for Westcott.  Is anyone using the Profoto RFI series of softboxes with speedlites?

I am a Nikon user going back to the FM2.  I currently shoot with a D600 and have two SB700 speedlites.  I want to start producing head shots and portraits.  Specifically athletic portraits, corporate and actor headshots will be my focus.  I have been using both shoot through and reflective umbrellas and this will be my first softbox.  Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to offer.
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