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Turning my Canon 5DSR into a Canon 5D Mark III with the push of a button...

That button is the Medium Raw and process it through Lightroom 6.  Magic!  The Medium Raw on the 5DSR is 28 megapixels and I can confirm after testing the noise/iso performance is at least similar to the 5D Mark III.  Im going to verify for certain in the next day or so.  

Also, the camera is faster when you shoot Medium versus Large raw,  So the 5DSR is the 5D Mark III with the push of the button.  Be warned though.  DXO Optics and other programs may not support Canon medium raw.    

I wish Canon would school us on these things rather than letting us figure it out on our own.  I think they want to protect the falling price of the Canon 5D Mark III and also want to be able to sell their next greatest bodies which are specifically designed for events.  
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