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Pixel Opas tranceivers and a set of Pixel King Help?

Hi, I need some advice please.
Have searched for answers but because these triggers are old can find
very little info. Anyways, I have Pixel Opas tranceivers and a set of
Pixel King (TX & RX) as I understand it with the Pixel King TX I
should be able to control the the Pixel Opas Transceiver? I have used
the the Pixel King set TX & RX with some success but if I change the
RX out for a Opas transceiver all I can do is fire the flash and cannot
change any settings at all. On the flickr site I have read Quote:- "The
Kings TX will fire the Opas with corresponding groups and channels. But
not only that, I discovered Hypersync HSS will still work using a
manual Opas receiver with a King as Tx!" https://www.flickr.com/groups/strobist/discuss/72157627418629135/.  Many Thanks. Russ
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