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Expanded black foamie thing

mgmotomx_250mgmotomx_250 Member
edited August 2015 in flash & lighting
Hi everyone, In studio settings photographers use 2 or more lights, then I've thought...why not have two flash lights with "black foamie thing" and direct the lights wherever I want(if I can bounce). I've tried this around the house a couple of times and I really like the results. I use one flash on camera on ETTL and FEC and one in my left hand on manual, shooting with one hand, or if I use my 70-200 lens I just use my left arm to support it with the flash in my hand.

This way I was able to get rim light on my subject, hair light or fill light. I could even install the second flash on a small bracket next to the camera on the left side. It's lower than on camera flash, but it does not matter since I bounce it. What do you think about using this system at the wedding along with some off camera lights if necessary?


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I have used the BFT to control off-camera flash as well:  flagging your flash to control back-lighting

    But if you really want more specific control in the spread of light when using off-camera flash, you will have to look into grids, such as the MagMod.

    Show us an example of what you've done so far. 
  • I'd like to see the "pullback" shot included of any photos, so I can get a good handle on what she is trying to do.

  • Those are a couple casual shots from my recent son 2nd Bday. This is the only time I've tried with two flashes on-camera. I've tried to bounce them on different directions as need it. I will need to practice it more since I just started photography last year. I will post a pull back shot and camera/flashes setup in a few days. Next month I will go to a wedding asa a guest/photographer/friend and I can try this. They have a hired photographer, so no pressure for me to just experience. I will post some result if they are worth it posting. Honest critiques are always welcome.

    Best regards,
  • Hello everyone, as I promised, here are a few photos of my setup that I am working on it. It takes some practice to make it work. There are two way to do it: one with the second flash on a bracket, and second one with a second flash on the left hand. I like the one on the bracket. I can ride the FEC and on/off buttons with my left hand and FEC for on camera flash from camera ctrl without taking my eye off viewfinder.
    Pros: place two lights where you want it
    Double power when you need it(oudoor sunny day!
    Easy controls off two flashes.
    Back up flash in case one of them fail.
    Cons. Bulkier and little havier
    It takes little practice to get use to it.

    Please let me know what you think?

    Georgian (begginer)

    Those photos are taken with my iphone just for the purpose of showing this setup.
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