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Canon RT compatibility with Strobes


I've got 2 x Canon 600EX-RTs and the associated radio transmitter (ST-E3-RT).  I'm also working my way through your two courses on Craftsy ("On-" / "Off-Camera" Flash) .  Based on what I've learned so far, in the future, I'd like to use at least one studio strobe e.g. as the key light. 

My question relates to how you trigger the strobe(s) in conjunction with the two Canons. So if, for example, I've got the Canon RT in my hotshoe, the two Canon flashes will be triggered wirelessly (radio not optical).  How do you link this to the strobe(s) e.g. Elinchrom D-lite 4.

PS  I don't yet have any strobes but how to do this might ultimately affect the type of strobe I eventually purchase.


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