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Advice on Wireless Speedlights

I have three Canon Speedlites - 580EX II, 580EX, and 430EX II. I don't do a lot of off-camera lighting, but I do notice the bit of limitation when I am outside using the 580EX II as a master to trigger the others via line-of-sight. Since I don't do a lot of this, I think it would be totally foolish financially to replace these with the new 600s that have built-in wireless.

I think a good solution would be to purchase the Yongnuo transmitter/receiver pair, but I could use a little advice. I've seen something posted here a while back, but can't seem to find it. Is there a transmitter that has a display? If this company makes one without a display, am I really limiting myself, or is it just a matter of convenience?

Any and all advice or opinions are appreciated. I really am trying to branch out a bit more and take (or find) jobs that require off-camera portrait lighting, and don't want to be stuck with flashes not firing.



  • Yongnuo YN600EX-RT Wireless Flash Speedlite

    So, in a related post, I see this advertised, brand new, on EBay. Actually two of them for $249 from China.

    What I worry about with buying an off-brand flash: I like to control the flash functions from my camera's menu, not on the Speedlite display.

    Does anyone know if  you can control these from the camera, like you can a Canon 580, 430, etc.?


  • I really like Pocket Wizards.
  • Skip - I know they are good, but I should have put in the words "budget friendly" when asking about these controllers and Speedlites from Yongnuo.
  • I also have 3 speedlites, I bought 2 pairs of the YN622C transceivers and a  YN622C TX which has the display and will allow you to control upto 3 groups of lights (either manual, TTL or mixed).
  • I have few 622c and 622c-tx. They work flawless. The only issue I have is that 622c-tx have full control over OCF only if mounted on a hotshoe and I can't install on camera flash on top of it. If conected to PC sync port, will trigger OCF's,control them on M and even on ETTL. But it will not change FEC for OCF's on ETTL. It will stay fixed at 0. But I want my OCF's on M anyway.
    YN622c-tx is a transmitter only. It has a nice display that show all 3 groups, very easy to control power, FEC and even flash zoom(auto and manual). You can even use it unattached to your camera like a remote ctrl. But you have to install 622c on camera to trigger the flashes. Again, no FEC in ettl. It will adjust the power in manual.
    Regarding YN600-rt I've just got one yesterday and still testing. Only issue so far is that you have to push a little button before you can adjust FEC or output power. With yn-565 and 568 you can just push the buttons in the middle of the flash. With 600-rt I use on-camera control for FEC by customising "SET" button on camera(6D).
  • mgmotomx_250 I have recently bought the yn600ex-rt and have a couple of the yn568ex, for triggers I have a yn622c-tx and a yn-622c. I am trying to trigger the 600 via the 622c-tx and not having much luck, I have tried everything and now at a loss.
  • Caken, that's very odd, it looks like YN haven't made the yn600ex-rt compatible with the yn622x-tx or the yn622c's.
    It looks as though you're going to have to get the  YN-E3-RT controller for the 600ex-rt, which is a shame as I would have thought as you have that the 622's would be compatible.

  • Caken, I use YN-600ex-rt on camera with 622-tx connected to PC port on camera. I use velcro to attach 622-tx on the right side of the flash. This way you can trigger 568, made adjustments or change modes. It will work on ettl but you don't have FEC. I am not sure how accurate ettl is. I use OCF on M anyway.
    If you want to use 568 on camera, then try to put your 600ex on top of 622c tranceiver. Make sure you set the channel and group right. I hope this helps.
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    Hi juancarmen, welcome to the forums. You posted the start of a question below, but I have edited for reasons below.

    "Flash Choice : I have recently purchased a Nikon SB700 flash . . ." etc.

    You double posted in 2 different threads, so to keep things together, I will  re-direct your question about buying the 'wrong' flash to the actual thread which you started HERE just to keep things in the one place.  :)

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