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Copyright issues with Raw files.

Hi everyone , I did fashion shoot with a makeup artist couple of months ago with models.  The makeup artist has found a retoucher and wants me to pass 6 raw files for the retoucher to work on. I wrote back saying im okay with high res jpegs or tiff files but not comfortable with raw files. Retoucher is insisting that she needs raw files to produce highest quality images.  Any thoughts ?


  • Sure !!! 
    My guess it was an un-paid gig !!!
    Charge her for them , if she wants so bad  she'll pay. Never give up the RAWs they are yours and are valuable.
    My thought is she's  tying to cut you out of the loop. Also its a present " I processed them , they look good because of me not the photographer "

    If your doing this for a long time you'd better get use to it because its going to happen a lot.

    Matrix Photography and Design
  • That's right. unpaid gig. The models were paid by the make upa artist.  IS there a release form which i can get her and the makeup artists  to sign ?  
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I am with Lou, I had a major job on a big retirement/apartment complex and the company that hired me also asked for the RAW files, or, a high res Tif untouched.

    I said no, gave them edit tifs, and they were very happy. But the point is the Raws stayed in my domain. I did give copyright to them to use as they see fit, but I don't care, I got paid and it was only a 'web magazine' anyway.

  • dbrunodbruno Member
    edited September 2015
    Someone told me the RAW files are your negatives. One poster on this forum a while back tells people they can have all the RAW files from a shoot for $1000.

    Yes, Vaenka, charge for the RAW files.

  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I have quoted that price myself; the Raws for a fee along with the initial fee.

    A major wedding photographer I know says he's sometimes asked for the Raw files, and I was initially stunned when he said he gives them, but then he quickly added for $2000 and only after 6 months. Guess what, he said he's had 2 takers, go figure.
  • Trev

    I just can't imagine someone paying - and able to pay that much - for RAW files. If you refer to him as a "major wedding photographer", they must have spent some serious money. And then $2K more?
  • Appreciate the comments ,

    The retoucher claims she needs to do colour toning hence RAW files are better.  I understand if it was a close headshot then maybe raw files are important but these were group shots done outside. Any technical expertise which will make my stand easier. 

  • Why is the retoucher approving the colour anyway that should be done by you.
    You can always change the colour on those files to there suite taste ( Charged of course )  , don't ever give up control.
    I was also  getting those kinds  excuses, Colour/Exposure/retouching/Time etc… until I said stop, I realized they wanted it all for nothing.
    I don't give the RAW out period, they  can pay for them .. Its That easy.They want extra work you gotta pay.
    Like the man said in Frosty " No money, No Ticket "
    Remember there your images you took them ( Including the copy rite )  not theres..

    Matrix Photography and Design
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    This photographer once received over $75,000 for 3 wedding albums (ALL images shot/edited used in 3 Volumes). It was a large Indian wedding, over 3 days, and his Photography was the *cheapest* item on the menu. This was around 5 years ago to boot.

    Flowers: $168,000
    Dress: $250,000
    Cars: $30,000 (hire only)
    Reception: .... wait for it . . . $1,000,000 (hired out the entire top floor of Melbourne's Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia)

    Yep, serious money.
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