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Profoto B1 Misfires

PDH7981PDH7981 Member
edited October 2015 in flash & lighting
I have the Profoto B1 and have noticed lately that I get a lot of misfires.  I'm using the latest firmware for both the Air TTL Remote for Nikon (version B5) as well as the B1's themselves (version C7).  Anyone else using the Profoto B1 noticing a lot of misfires?

I'm using the Nikon D3s.  I've noticed that when I get a misfire, the audible "BEEP" that comes from the flash is simultaneous with the shutter release.  In other words, when the B1 fire normally, you'll push the shutter and then a few millisecond later, you'll here the BEEP indicating the flash has recharged and it's ready to fire again.  In the instances where the flash misfires, I push the shutter and simultaneously, here the BEEP... virtually no delay between the shutter release and the audible sound. The problem seems to exhibit itself more so when I'm in HSS mode but it is also happening when I'm in normal mode.  

Any feedback from other B1 users would be helpful.  I'm just wondering if my problem is in the Remote or the Flashes.  I have three B1's and when there's a misfire, it's happening in all three flash head... which would indicate to me that it's a problem in the Remote.  


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited October 2015

    I don't have those, but silly question, have you cleaned the contacts on hotshoe/trigger?

    Last weekend I started to get some misfires when pressing shutter, but, when I pressed the 'Test' button on my trigger to fire the off camera flashes they worked, which immediately told me that it was not a problem with flash/receiver/trigger, but a 'connection' problem, so I slipped off the trigger, quickly wiped bottom of it with my little dry towel I had in my bag, and on hotshoe connector, and bingo, all good.

    So, test the trigger multiple times first by pressing 'test', if no misfires, it is not the flash/trigger/receiver, it's a connection I would think.

    Do a clean on hotshoe, base of trigger. See if that helps.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I have two B1 units, but haven't noticed anything like this. 

    A quirk that I have noticed, is that if I accidentally double-tap my shutter and fire off a second shot directly after the first, the second shot is OVER-exposed by about 1/3 of a stop.  Weird. You'd expect the second shot to be slightly under, if anything. 
  • Thanks Trev... I'll try and clean the contacts on the hotshoe and trigger.  I've been on travel the last few days but once I'm back, I'll give that a try.

    Yes, Neil... that is strange.  I've not noticed over exposure if I hit the shutter too quickly.  I'll see if I can duplicate that on mine and let you know.

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