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Nikon SB700--SZ-3TN Snap-on Filter for incandescent light

Why does Nikon make a snap-on filter that does not perform well in incandescent light?

The shade of CTS 1/2 strength gel is so much better, in most incidences, why doesn't Nikon offer similar snap-on offering shades (full, 1/2--CTS)?

I can make it work, if I manually adjust the WB K-value on my D7100 but it is a far cry from incandescent.

What am I missing here?


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    I have never used them ABJ, but have you tried the filters but then set the WB to that same filter setting?

    ie: If using a Tungsten Filter, you set the camer's WB to Tungsten to match the output; and so on. Apparently that's how it's *supposed* to work, but I have just never bothered with them. I still have 3 sets unopened as I normally will just use 1/2 CTS.


  • Thank You!  You are right when the WB is set to Flash the auto system is supposed to compensate for the filter and it does (flash head straight on) but when you bounce off a neutral white wall (BFT) it turns murky yellow, the CTS 1/2 does not.  Much more controlled.  The tech company builds it and field testing users resort to work-arounds.  Go figure!  You would think Nikon would pickup on the discussion groups and from the pros like Neil. 
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