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Baja B4 vs Einstein

I'm currently trying to decide between  a PC Buff Einstein and a Dynalite Baja B4. The Einstein is 640ws, fast recycle, short duration and good color consistently. It requires an external battery. 
The Baja is a true mono block with an integrated battery and is 400ws. At full power in action mode you get about 320ws with a T1 duration of 1/640. IN normal mode at full power the flash duration is 1/500. The Baja also has an HSS mode that the Einstein doesn't. 
So, my question is this, does the addition of HSS out weigh the loss of power? I believe the duration of the Einstein at full power is 1/500. It seems Neil is happy with having HSS with his Profoto, not that I'm comparing the two. 
Anybody have any thoughts or experience with these lights?


  • TrevTrev Moderator

    IF you are able to shoot with HSS on it, I believe that would negate any perceived power loss comparing the 2.

    Remember, if you change shutter to above 'normal' sync speed, you need to open aperture anyway to control ambient, therefore the flash would need to work less as it's primarily aperture/ISO orientated anyway.

    So you would need to consider precisely what type of photos you are shooting, conditions and frequency of HSS to normal sync speed.

    Now while I have neither of those (I have different ones and a HSS controller on hot shoe) I probably would opt for the HSS version, but you then need to consider the reviews/built quality, etc. as I do know the PCBuff lights are good build/quality from friends experiences.


  • Thanks Trev,

    That is the direction I was leaning. I have heard mostly good things about the Einstein. Reviews on the Baja are limited, but I'm hoping the fact that Dynalite is putting their name on it is a sign of a solid product. The HSS capability is a big plus. The Nikon HHS transmitter is shipping to dealers this week so I hope to order sometime next week.
    Thanks again.

  • TrevTrev Moderator


    Please let us know for anyone else getting those lights how they go if you indeed go that route.


  • I'll keep you posted
    Thanks Trev
  • Hey Jay! Food for thought. Like you, I am in the process of deciding on new lighting. I currently have Alien Bees. I use the external battery pack, but I just sold it all. They were great lights! However, the external battery swinging around was driving me nuts. I just about jumped on the Baja B4 or the Flashpoint Rovelight. However, I see Interfit just came out with a battery monolight just like the Profoto. It is the S1. Looks pretty cool but is about a grand a piece, so its not cheap but half the price of a profoto. I will personally be looking deeper into the Interfit. Just my two cents!

  • Thanks Jay

    I'll take a look at them. Let me know what you decide on.
  • Another point to consider, the Einstein's have a nine stop range.

  • I have verified that HSS does work with the new Nikon transmitter. It's out of stock at B&H right now, but more should be arriving soon.
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